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160689962Seven people a day die from malignant melanoma in the UK. Most of us know that it starts as a mole, but did you realise that it typically appears in different parts of the body in men and women? While four out of ten male cases are found on the torso and two out of ten on the head and neck, women’s moles are more likely to appear on their legs (four out of ten cases) or arms (two out of ten), according to experts at The Mole Clinic ( Over 8 out of 10 melanomas in the UK (around 11,100 cases every year) are linked to too much exposure to UV rays from sunlight or sunbeds.

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  1. Rose Webb says:

    I had a mark on my face ‘frozen’ off several years ago – it was a pre-cancerous melanoma. The treatment was relatively painless and over in seconds. Funnily enough I am seeing my Dr this morning about another one. Can’t stress enough how important it is to get checked out, don’t leave it until it’s too late and don’t feel your wasting the Drs. time. It’s not worth it.

  2. Sara Shingleton says:

    Very true, my mother had one on her leg, caught it early and after major surgery with skin grafts, made an excellent recovery.

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