Money-saving holiday hacks

With Brexit results permanently in the news, it’s tempting to get away from it all and pack your bags for a sunny getaway.

Holiday concept

You can save some dollar by keeping these handy tips in mind…

Sunday is a fun day

Sunday is the quietest night of the week for many leisure hotels, while it is often the opposite for hotels that cater for the business traveller. Frugal holidaymakers might consider swapping hotels halfway through their stay to get the best value.

Life of luxury, for less

Instead of using the expensive in-house spa, by sourcing a local masseuse or beautician and having them to come to their room, thrifty holidaymakers can make big savings on luxury treatments.

A room with a (partial) view

Many holidaymakers will automatically opt for a sea view, however it’s worth researching where, and on what angle, the property is situated. In some resorts, booking a street-view room may award the canny traveller a bigger balcony and sometimes a partial sea view, usually at a reduced rate.

Expand your social circles

Before travelling, holidaymakers might follow their chosen hotel on social media as they may hold flash sales via this medium. Bloggers, or those particularly active on review sites such as TripAdvisor, should mention this to the hotel manager upon their arrival as it may garner an upgrade or discount.

School’s out

If dates are flexible, booking either directly before or after big local events will often deliver savings. Most Brits are used to considering their own school holiday periods when booking, but budget-conscious holidaymakers should also research these dates at their destination as they may differ slightly, which will impact on resort availability and cost.

Do the maths

Often holidaymakers will choose half or full-board in resorts, however if travelling to a country where the currency is cheap, it may be better to head outside the hotel for meals. That said, if the pound is weak, looking at the cost of ‘board versus accommodation-only’ may bring savings. Brits are encouraged to use the Post Office report to assess the best option.

Eat like a prince, for the price of a pauper

Many hotels offer free half-board at certain times of year so travellers should do their research. By enjoying a late breakfast and maybe pocketing a piece of fruit for lunch, hungry holidaymakers may be able to last until dinner. Holidaymakers staying on an accommodation-only basis are recommended to negotiate the prices for breakfast and dinner in the resort. These will often come down if the management think guests are preferring to go off site.

Tips have been supplied by hotel comparison website and mobile app HotelsCombined.

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