MP mishaps

Boris-Johnson-Stuck-On-Zi-010This week sees the anniversary of the day in 2001 when the MP John Prescott famously punched a protestor who egged him. Here we remember some other events that were sure MPs (and their families) would rather forget… Neil’s trip at the beach Few people can forget the image of Labour leader Neil Kinnock falling over on Brighton beach during the Labour Party conference in 1983 as he and wife Glenys were surprised by approaching waves. Afterwards, Kinnock is said to have claimed his wife’s new boots were the cause of the fall… John’s miming mistake At the Welsh Conservative Conference in 1993 and MP John Redwood was filmed miming – extremely unconvincingly as he clearly didn’t know the words! – the Welsh national anthem. This excruciatingly embarrassing moment exposed Redwood to massive ridicule, particularly as he’d just been elected the Secretary of State for Wales! Mrs Blair caught unaware In May 1997 Labour won the general election and Cherie Blair was pictured posing proudly with her husband, Britain’s new prime minister, Tony Blair, outside Number 10. The following day the newspapers were full of pictures of a tousle-haired, dressing gown clad Mrs Blair answering the door of her Islington home to receive a bunch of flowers, cheekily sent by a tabloid in the hope of catching her looking a tad dishevelled. Lembit’s badly chosen boogie October 2007, and Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik attends a charity ball at London’s Grosvenor Hotel with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Gabriela, a member of novelty pop group The Cheeky Girls. Halfway through the night the couple took to the dancefloor and proceeded to ‘dirty dance’ with onlookers reporting how Lembit and (the scantily clad) Gabriela seemed unaware of their luxurious surroundings as they put on a display more suited to a West End nightclub. Boris’ awkward air-hang Following team GB’s first gold medal victory in the 2012 London Olympics, Mayor of the city Boris Johnson took to the zip-wire in Victoria Park, east London, close to the Olympic Park. But after a promising start gliding along happily waving his flags, he lost momentum and came to a halt, dangling over a crowd of people for a long and somewhat awkward moment.

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