Q: What’s worse than a Bridezilla?

A: A Mumzilla

You might think it’s brides who are the most stressed about their outfits for the big day. But a new survey by retailer JD Williams has found that Mothers of the Bride spend over two hours longer shopping for their own outfits. Here’s 5 ways to spot a Mumzilla at this summer’s weddings.


She’ll wear white…

Or a colour that means she zings out of every wedding snap, reducing the rest of the bridal party to a dull gathering of hedge sparrows, overshadowed dramatically by a glorious parakeet. The survey found that 17% of Mumzillas would happily wear white on their child’s big day, too – perhaps to remind the congregation that she was a bride once too, you know.

She’ll compete with the Other Mum…

There is no love lost, it seems, when it comes to outshining the other mother of the bridal gathering. A sharp-elbowed 41% say they think carefully about what their new in-law will wear, and pull out all the stops to look better. She’s got a pillbox hat? Mumzilla’s got a Philip Treacy extravaganza. Other mum’s wearing a Phase Eight frock? Mumzilla’s ordered Vivienne Westwood couture.

She’ll spare no expense

No chance of a bargain outfit in the sales for Mumzilla. According to 61%, no expense will be spared when it comes to tracking down the perfect look. Never mind that the bride is sewing her own £50 dress from bleached muslin, the true Mumzilla is rampaging through high-end boutiques and salons, credit card smoking as she goes.

She’ll make it all about her

First time bride? Thought the wedding’s colour scheme was your choice? Foolish girl. An alarming 23% of Mumzillas claim they expect the couple to theme the wedding around their own outfit. That’ll be puce daisies, yellow feathers and emerald snakeskin napkin rings, then…

She’s inspired by celebrities

Never mind the bride’s inspiration for her dress – Mumzilla is leafing through gossip magazines, making a scrapbook of her Mother of the Bride heroines. Inspirations, according to the survey, include Carole Middleton, Susan Sarandon and Kris Jenner. Not forgetting Judy Murray, who recently looked lovely on Andy’s big day… standing out from the crowd dressed in champagne topped off with a striking hat.

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