Paws up for doggy ice pops!


With temperatures set to soar again this weekend, we’ve teamed up with premium raw pet food brand, Natural Instinct, to tell you about a fun, quick and easy treat recipe to help the nation’s dogs cool down.



Introducing the yummy, full of fun, Doggy Ice Pops! These easy-to-make pet treats will go down a storm with dogs feeling the heat this summer. The unique Doggy Ice Pops are ideal for playtime, with dogs able to lick the ice pop and roll it around until the ball of ice has melted and the treats are released!




A balloon

Natural Instinct dehydrated treats, or treats of your choice


Optional fresh fruits and vegetables

(Always check which fruits and vegetables your dog is allowed as some can be toxic).




  1. Take some Natural Instinct dehydrated treats e.g. Organic Chicken Hearts or slice up some Beef Jerky and place into a deflated balloon (you may need to give it a stretch first!)
  2. Place the balloon over a tap and half fill the balloon with cold water
  3. If adding, now you can pop in your diced fruit or blended fruit and vegetables to flavour the water. Our favourites include blueberries, banana, carrots, peppers, blackberries and spinach!
  4. Release any air from the top of the balloon before tying a knot, otherwise your ball won’t end up round!
  5. Place the balloon in a bowl in the freezer, this will ensure your treat ball freezes in a spherical shape. Leave overnight to freeze.
  6. Once frozen, remove from freezer and cut away the balloon, you will be left with a Doggy Ice Pop, perfect for hot summer days! Remember to always supervise your dog when feeding.

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