The five oddest jobs in Britain

When we heard the news that Britain is suffering a shortage of chicken sexers – someone who is expertly trained in distinguishing the sex of chicks – despite the job offering a £40k salary, it got us wondering – what other weird, wonderful, and well-paid jobs are out there that we never knew existed?

shutterstock_199535126Ice Cream Taster

Average salary: £38k

Role: To evaluate ice cream in terms of taste, texture, smell and other elements.

Requirements: You need a degree in food science to land this job – not just a love of ice cream!

shutterstock_204633139Chief Listening Officer

Average salary: £61k

Role: To monitor social media platforms to review conversations and mentions of their company or brand (or ‘be on Facebook all day’, as it’s otherwise known).

Requirements: A degree in a marketing related field with a social media presence.

ThinkstockPhotos-184766512Race Engineer

Average salary: £90k

Role: To interpret between the race car and the driver to achieve maximum performance on the race track.

Requirements: A-levels in maths and physics with a university degree and proven experience.

ThinkstockPhotos-173390496Video Game Player

Average salary: £32k

Role: To test out new game releases and assist other players in helping them achieve higher levels in games (or ‘play games all day’).

Requirements: A passion for gaming.

shutterstock_109268162Golf ball diver

Average salary: £25k+

Role: To retrieve golf balls from ‘water traps’ on golf courses. (Golf ball divers dive about four days a week and on an average day collect approximately 4,000 golf balls).

Requirements: Open water certification, active divers insurance and own diving gear / equipment.

ThinkstockPhotos-186958240Bed warmer

Average salary: £16k

Role: Employed by some hotels – including a recent trial at the Holiday Inn, featuring bed-warmers in special, hygienic sleep suits – to warm the bed ‘like a giant human hot water bottle’ before the guests get in…

Requirements: A warm body.

ThinkstockPhotos-524085505Ethical Hacker

Possible salary: £90k

Role: Hired by governments and security firms to help design ways to keep hackers out their systems.

Requirements: Hold a relevant qualification and meet the additional requirements on the Government Communication Headquarters check scheme.

shutterstock_200527988Blimp Pilot

Possible salary: £45k

Role: To fly around in a blimp all day (making advertisements visible).

Requirements: A commercial certificate and significant flying experience.


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