Old-fashioned sweets

Take a stroll down memory lane and see if you remember these (midget) gems….

Remember halfpenny and penny sweets temptingly displayed in plastic trays behind the glass counter of the corner shop? The serious dilemma of what to buy with your pocket money on a Saturday morning…

We’ve been reminiscing about our favourite sweets of the 70’s, here’s some that we loved – we hope you did too!

toffoToffos (Mackintosh)

These delicious packs of toffees came in plain toffee, assorted fruit and mint flavours


fruit salad and black jacksMojos, Fruit Salad and Black Jack chews (Barratts)

The original penny chews were simply irresistible!



sweets-barratt-sherbet-fountain-[2]-26603-pSherbet Fountain (Barratts)

A treat that seemed to last for ages – had to be careful not to eat the liquorice stick too quickly though or you’d almost choke on the sherbet…

Lidoff_540x540Tooty Frooties (Rowntrees)

The multi-coloured fruity sweets to make your eyes water



MilkyBArMilkybar (Nestlé)

The perfect afterschool treat for every white chocolate lover



angloAnglo Bubbly Bubble gum (Barratt)

It had the original bubble gum smell! Most kids of the 70’s perfected their bubble-blowing skills with this long-lasting gum


galaxy countersGalaxy Counters (Galaxy)

We miss these – there were four animal packs to collect and send away for different books!


spangles copySpangles (Mars Ltd)

A pack of square boiled sweets in a variety of flavours – they made a brief comeback in the 90’s and were stocked in Woolworths

topicTopic (Mars Ltd)

What has a hazelnut in every bite? For nut lovers – made with tasty hazelnuts, nougat and caramel

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7 Responses to Old-fashioned sweets

  1. Mrs Julie Tyler says:

    re old – fashioned sweets. Does anyone remember Mint Cracknell ? In case you have no idea what i am talking about – it was a bar of green coloured mint flavoured boiled sweet covered in chocolate that made a “crackling” noise when you bit into it.
    Also curly wurlys. Chocolate covered toffee bars made with bits cut out of them.
    Oh the memories !!!

  2. Penny says:

    it was a pink spearmint bar it was very thin
    would have been in the middle 50’s.
    just like to try them again

  3. Mrs Julie Tyler says:

    The Mint Cracknell that i remember i thought was green. I could be wrong tho. I grew up in the 60s and 70s. Also Toffos fruit flavour . Yum. Still a kid at heart and still love Fruit Salads and Black Jacks when you can get em.

  4. Sue Ormston says:

    As children we used to go into the tobacco shop and buy a hard violet/orange/lemon or apple sweets. They used to last ages if you sucked them slowly. They also left your breathe smelling nice. One of my other favourites was the chocolate tobacco – lengths of coconut covered in a sweet chocolatey powder.

  5. Vickie says:

    I remember ‘Lucky Numbers’

  6. Sandy WIlliams says:

    Bazooka Joe bubblegum with the comic strip inside the wrapper.

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