On your bike!

Burn a fair few calories, get fitter and save money by getting involved with National Bike Week during 14-22 June.

krashWhy get involved

Swapping your car or public transport for a bike ride to work is a great way to cut costs, look after the planet and squeeze some exercise into your day. If you’re keen to reap the benefits, National Bike Week is the perfect time to get started.

Research shows that 77% of people in the UK own a bike, but only 14% use them regularly, with many people lacking confidence to get out on their bikes or letting neglected repairs get in their way. Luckily, Bike Week experts (dubbed Dr Bikes) will be placed at local bike shops and Bike Week events to help fix punctures, adjust brakes, tune gears and get you ready to hit the road. Group, and expert-led, rides will also be on offer to help nervous riders build confidence.

How to get involved

There are many locally organised events taking place across the UK, including family-led bike rides, coaching sessions, festivals and cycle challenges. Find your nearest Bike Week event at:http://bikeweek.org.uk/events/.All events are free!

What do I need?

Beyond a bike and relevant safety gear, you don’t need much to get involved in National Bike Week’s countrywide events. However, if you fancy treating yourself in honour of the event, sciencemuseumshop.co.uk have some great gadgets to help you stay safe and have fun this week.

Kids will love the Krash Videohead X1, available for £60, which is a weather-proof and anti-shock helmet with an in-built camera. The clever accessory helps you to stay safe while performing stunts, at the same time as recording them to show to your family and friends.

For evening rides and urban cycling, try Brainy Bike Lights, £45, invented by behavioural psychologist Crawford Hollingworth, which include an illuminated bike symbol to create faster cycle recognition.

Head to http://bikeweek.org.uk for more information on National Bike Week and to find out how to take part.

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