Our favourite Easter egg choices

To help you choose perfect Easter eggs we’ve tried and tested the following to give you an idea of what you’re getting for your money – it’s a hard job but someone has to do it…

Top of the range – £15 and under

dark_chocolate_easter_egg_1Prestat Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, £15

The best things come in small packages – the egg is small but it contains very tasty dark chocolate with wondrous milk and white chocolate truffles – a special treat for the whole family!



A5ET EGG & TOASTChoconchoc Chocolate Egg on Toast, £12

Anyone for breakfast? Hand-made white and milk chocolate egg on toast – along with chocolate cutlery of course – a bit quirky and great for a fussy eater!



Boxed Egg LargeFerrero Rocher Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Egg, £10.99

This attractive chocolate egg is made with hazelnut pieces and eight individual Ferrero Rocher – perfect for sharing.



A special gift – £10 and under

Caramel - No Box copyThorntons Caramel Cheesecake Easter Egg, £10 (£5 off)

This indulgent milk chocolate egg is made from chunky milk chocolate full of caramel flavour, thick fudge pieces and biscuit crunch.

(thorntons.co.uk and selected stores nationwide)


elizabeth-shaw-zestyElizabeth Shaw Large Zesty Crisp Collection Egg, £10

A brand new variety with a deliciously smooth milk chocolate egg and a selection of crunchy dark chocolate lemon crisps and milk chocolate orange crisps, ideal if you’re looking for something a little bit different or to share.

(Ocado, Asda and Waitrose)


7622210171399_T1Green & Black’s Organic Mint Dark Chocolate Egg, £6.59

There’s a flavour for all chocolate lovers but we loved this dark mint egg infused with peppermint oil. Delicious!

(greenandblacksdirect.com and stores nationwide)


THE COFFEE LOVER'S EGG, £8, 240gM&S Coffee Lover’s Egg, £8

A delicate coffee milk chocolate egg loaded with hazelnut nibs and dark chocolate-coated Costa Rican coffee beans – perfect for the coffee lover in the family!

(Marks & Spencer)


chococo-easter-valentines-0008-ZF-4731-81562-1-001-014Chococo Dorset Honeycombe Easter Egg, £9.50

This luxurious egg is made with thick milk chocolate and is beautifully decorated with an edible gold shimmer. Inside are large chunks of delicious honeycomb!



MB Easter 15 - Berry Bubbly Egg[1]Monty Bojangles Berry Bubbly Truffle Egg, £6.00

A very moreish combination of delicious creamy Belgian milk chocolate egg and a collection of individual dusted truffles that tastes divine.

(montybojangles.com and Tesco and Waitrose)


XL-Dark-eco-eggMontezuma’s Organic Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Eco-Egg, £7.99

Amazing dark chocolate with eco packaging to reduce the carbon footprint. It’s the most eco friendly egg around.



Taste the Difference Belgian White Chocolate Egg with PistachiosSainsbury’s Taste the Difference Belgian White Chocolate Egg with Pistachios, £6

Crafted from silky-smooth, vanilla-scented Belgian white chocolate, this stunning egg is delicately flecked with finely chopped pistachio nuts – a beautifully modern Easter gift.



A bit of fun – under £5

Candy Crush Easter Egg_Travel Cup and CoastersKing Candy Crush Easter Egg with Mug, £4.99

Fans of the popular game will appreciate this fabulous milk chocolate egg with ceramic mug and three smaller eggs.

(Stores nationwide including Primark and Asda)


CPM320 Pack Dims mail box styleMake-a-Bar Chocolate Factory Kit, Single Pack, £3.99

Kids can get creative with this kit, which contains everything needed to design and create a yummy chocolate bar. 100 per cent Belgian Chocolate is included in white, milk and dark chocolate, as well as a reusable bar mould and templates. Suitable for children 4+.

(Toys R Us and Smyths Toys)


easter egg for website - whiteHans Sloane London Drinking Chocolate Egg, £2

A novel idea for hot chocolate drinkers – melt the little dark chocolate beads to make an amazing chocolatey drink.



Tesco ChokaBlok Banana Bonanza Easter Egg 300g, £5; Tesco Chocolate Doug The Dinosaur 200g, £4 (available exclusively at Tesco)Tesco ChokaBlok Banoffee Bonanza Giant Easter Egg, £5

Even better than a banoffee pie! This chunky, milk chocolate egg is packed with banana chips and chewy toffee pieces, perfect for a VERY sweet tooth.



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