Pay Homage to Love in Style

How time flies when we’re in love. So much so that for every year that goes by, anniversaries seem to creep up on us and always catch us completely off guard!

In our busy lives, for many couples this crucial date in the calendar is often commemorated with a simple dinner, but the truth is that relationships run on more than love. They require consideration, creativity, contemplation and compromise – and that’s just a few of the C’s! In other words, a bit of effort goes a long way to enhancing your love life. When your anniversary comes around, remind your partner of their significance to you in a heartfelt way, and pay homage to your anniversary by creating a special memory. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking.


Recreate your wedding menu

If you’re married, what better way to pay tribute to the day you said your vows for a lifetime together than to recreate the first meal you shared as a couple? If money and time is an issue, it’s something you can do in the comfort of your own home, and without breaking the bank. You could even recreate your wedding cake (doesn’t have to be perfect!), perhaps with a surprise twist for that extra special touch.

Do something crazy

Particularly if you lead busy 9-5 lives, nothing says I still love you lots like planning a grandiose, once in a lifetime activity like skydiving or bungie jumping! By taking on a daredevil feat like this together, you showing not only your commitment and support for each other, but also celebrating the excitement in your relationship. You can find plenty of ideas at that will be sure to inject some adrenaline into your anniversary.

Have a photoshoot

Load up your camera and make a list of some special places around town, places that hold significance to you as a couple, then go wild! Find the place you had your first kiss and recreate the moment. Perhaps you can even take a single photo every year so you can look back upon them in your old age and reminisce. If you’re in need of further inspiration, there’s plenty more ideas to be found for a photoshoot here.

Watch your wedding video

What better way to celebrate your marriage than to indulge in the memories of the special day itself? Your Uncle Callum stumbling around the dancefloor and spilling his whisky, your dad’s tear jerking speech, your sister spraining her ankle as she makes a dive for the bouquet, and the best man’s revelations during his speech. All these sorts of special moments will remind you of how special your relationship has been since that day, as you sit down with a glass of wine and reflect upon the day.

But whatever you chose to do, you can’t go wrong so long as you make the love and admiration you still have for your special someone clear. Here’s to many more anniversaries!

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