7 steps to perfect summer feet

After a gruelling winter neglecting our feet, cramming them into protective winter boots to shield them from frostbite, summer is finally here! But before you swap your wellingtons for flip-flops, make sure your feet are summer-ready with this easy-to-follow DIY pedicure from our Beauty Editor Justine Brennan:


1. Buff away hard, dead skin with a good-quality foot file. Concentrate on the heels, balls of the feet and the area around the big toes.

2. Remove any traces of old nail polish and then massage some cuticle butter or oil into your cuticles and nail beds.

3. Add a peppermint foot soak to a bowl of warm water and bathe your feet for around ten minutes. Add some marbles to the base of the bowl and roll your feet over for a therapeutic touch.

4. Gently massage a foot scrub into the heels and balls of your feet, then rinse off in a bowl of warm water.

5. Pat the feet dry and using a cuticle pusher or orange stick, gently push back the cuticles.

6. Trim nails with clippers making sure to cut straight across – rounded edges can lead to ingrowing toenails. When clipped, smooth each nail and file into shape with an emery board.

7. Apply a base coat to avoid staining the nails and two coats of your favourite summery shade. Don’t forget to add a topcoat for added shine.

Top tip:

Thin summer soles lead to a faster and larger build up of hard, cracked skin on the heels. Be sure to moisturise your feet daily with a good quality heel balm and be sure to file the feet regularly.

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