What’s your personality type?


Apparently we each fall into a ‘colour’ personality type; Red, Blue, Green or Yellow. Our colour grouping helps categorise how we act, what’s important to us, even how we like people to communicate with us. Most of us will have shades of different colours but there will usually be a dominant influence of one particular type. Know what someone’s ‘colour’ is and you’ll understand them better than they understand themselves.

So read on to see which colour sounds the most like yourself, or someone you know…


Yellows make up 35 per cent of the population – those who are open with their feelings. They are the best at using both sides of their brains. They are relationship and family orientated, logical, analytical and teamwork is very important to them. Their voice is soft and gentle and they speak in relaxed tones.

Yellows have jobs like teachers, social workers – nurturing roles suit them best. They like giving back to others. They don’t like pushy people, aggressiveness, sudden change or animal cruelty.

Some of their weaknesses are a tendency to be over sensitive, to take things personally and gullible to other peoples excuses.

Talk to a yellow slowly and relaxed and let them know they are appreciated.


Blues make up 15 per cent of the population. They are open and direct with their feelings. They are right brained, talk quickly and are very creative, spontaneous and enthusiastic. Strong on family and relationships, they have jobs in sales, or as singers, writers or designers – anything that requires creativity. They don’t like like facts and figures, being sold to or anything that doesn’t incorporate them having fun.

Their weaknesses are being disorganised, scatty and poor at saving money. When you talk to a blue focus on fun, create a sense of excitement! Never try to give a blue the hard sell.


Greens make up 35 per cent of the population. They are indirect and self-contained with their feelings. With a tendency to be right brained, they are logical, analytical, precise and need to have all the facts and figures. They are savers, and are organised, task orientated and accurate.

And they’re also the best negotiators. Some of their jobs include engineers, accountants or university professors – anything to do with logic and reasoning.

They don’t like pushy people, not having all the facts and figures, not being on time or aggressiveness. They get depressed easily and are hard to please.

Some of their weaknesses are, over-analysing everything, being hard to please and a tendency to be pessimistic about everything.

When speaking to a green, give them all the facts and figures. You cannot overload a green with information.


Reds make up 15 per cent of the population. Reds are direct and self-contained with their feelings. Reds are right brained.

Their slogan has to be “It’s my way or the highway”, and they are forceful, stern and to the point. They dislike chitchat, believe money is power and always want to take action. They are task orientated, impatient and somewhat unteachable!

Their jobs consist of being CEOs, lawyers, military leaders or bank managers. Reds do not like losing control, indecision or crying. They don’t like talking about time, freedom, family or holidays.

Their weaknesses include being egotistical and domineering. When you talk to a red let them think you need them. They like having their ego stroked.

Information courtesy of ukba.co.uk



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