Quiz of 2012

How well do you recall the events of the last year? Try our fun quiz to find out and then put your friends and family to the test…

Candis quiz of 2012

How well do you remember the events of 2012?

1. Name the major shipping disaster that killed 32 people in January.

2. Who had an acceptance speech cut short at an awards ceremony in February?

3. Which footballer was left critically ill after collapsing during a match in March?

4. Our damp squib of a summer began in April with what record?

5. The Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan in May was won by Sweden – who was the UK entry and where did they finish?

6. The UK celebrated The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June – who was behind the concert at Buckingham Palace?

7. The London 2012 Olympics held its opening ceremony on 27 July to great acclaim – who masterminded the event?

8. What daring space mission was declared a success in August?

9. How many medals had Great Britain won by the time the Paralympics finished in September?

10. What did Austrian Felix Baumgartner achieve in October?

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1. The Costa Concordia cruise ship sank in the Mediterranean after it crashed into a rocky outcrop.

2. Singer Adele won best British female and best British album at the Brit Awards but was furious when her second speech was cut short by host James Cordon.

3. Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba, 24, had a heart attack during an FA Cup quarter-final game against Tottenham Hotspur. Despite making a good recovery he has now retired.

4. April 2012 was the wettest for 100 years, with 121.8mm of rain falling and 37 flood warnings in place by the end of the month.

5. Englebert Humperdinck, 76, finished second from last on 12 points with his song Love Will Set You Free, just ahead of Norway’s seven points.

6. Pop star Gary Barlow was the principle organiser of the concert along with the BBC. He was made an OBE later the same month.

7. Film director Danny Boyle was in charge of a £27m budget and 10,000 volunteer cast members for the three-hour ceremony.

8. The Mars rover Curiosity landed on the red planet. Its mission is to find out whether life ever existed there and if it could do so in the future.

9. Great Britain won a record 120 Paralympic medals, with 34 golds, 43 silvers and 43 bronze, and coming third overall.

10. He was the first skydiver to go faster than the speed of sound, reaching 1,342km/h (833.9mph), and at 39km (24 miles) he smashed the record for the world’s highest ever freefall.

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