Ready, set, record-break

In honour of the Guinness World Record’s 60th Anniversary on 10 September, we take a look the top-ten weird and wacky records broken by people around the world…

Thailand-Hula-Hoop1. Chris ‘The Duchess’ Walton holds the record for the longest fingernails. Her nails –which she’s been growing for 18 years – measured in at 9 feet 7 inches on her right and 10 feet 2 inches on her left when she set the record in 2011.

2. In 2010, 102 thrill-seekers broke the record for most naked riders on a theme park ride at an amusement park in Southend-on-Sea.

3. Chinese beekeeper She Ping covered his body with 331,000 bees (73 pounds) in April 2012 to break the previous record of 59 pounds of bees.

4. 52 Costa Rican chefs set the world record in February 2013 for the world’s largest Cantonese fried rice. It served over 7,000 people and weighed almost 3,000 pounds.

5. The record for the most spoons on a human body belongs to Etibar Elchiyev. He won the title with 50 metal spoons magnetised to his body.

6. Last year, 4,483 people hula-hooped for seven minutes at the Thammasat University stadium, Bangkok – setting the record for most ‘number of people simultaneously hula-hooping’

7. Brazilian Elaine Davidson, holds the record for being the woman with the greatest number of body piercings – 1,903 in total.

8. Seventy-four scuba divers danced to set the world record for an underwater dance class at Sydney’s Olympic Park Aquatic Centre in 2006.

9. Pete Glazebrook set a record for the ‘heaviest onion’ in 2011, his prize-winner weighed a stunning 17 pounds.

10. The record for the largest sushi mosaic was set in Honk Kong in 2014. A total of 20,647 sushi pieces were used for a 37-square-metre space.

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