It’s Grandparent’s Day on 4th October


With almost 70% of grandparents having missed out on an important occasion this year due to Covid-19, Grandparents Day is even more valuable than ever this year! With most of 2020 being spent indoors, it hasn’t been easy for anyone, especially the elderly who have been separated from their families since March 2020.


A survey conducted by Red Letter Days with over 4,600 respondents found that 40% of grandparents have missed the birth of a grandchild since March 2020, and 87% of grandchildren have either not seen or have only seen their grandparent once. A remarkable 85% said Covid-19 impacted them on being able to see their family, 80% said it has impacted them emotionally, 42% said it has impacted them mentally and 31% said they have lost a sense of relationship, which clearly shows the impact Covid-19 has had on grandparents not being able to see their grandchildren.

Grandparents Day is on the 4th October this year and Red Letter Days is giving people the chance to nominate their grandparent to enjoy an experience with their grandchild as a way of making up for lost time and making new memories. Dan Mountain, CEO of Red Letter Days, said ‘’Elderly people need to be recognised during this hard time and what better way, than to enjoy an experience with their family, to enjoy quality time together and really make some memories which last a lifetime.”

The results from the survey show much time has been lost for grandparents and grandchildren and how Covid-19 has had a real impact emotionally and mentally for them both. The quality time, the hugs and kisses all play such a big part in the bond between grandparents and grandchildren, the fact that individuals would love to go on an experience shows that much time needs to be made up and Red Letter Days are doing what they can to help that.

If you would like to enter a grandparent, or go on an experience of a lifetime with them, please visit: to view the campaign and fill in a nomination form!










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