­­­­The 5 best (and worst) Royal films

It’s the Queen’s Official Birthday on the 21st April – she’s probably got everything she needs by now, so our gift to Ma’am is a round-up of the best, silliest and most treasonous Royal TV shows and movies featuring HRH (or at least, a version of her…)



This could easily have strayed into so-bad-it’s-good territory. Unfortunately, this clunking dramatisation of the late Princess’s affair with Dr Hasnat Khan features more pastel leisure outfits than decent dialogue, and portrays Diana as a needy saint. Actress Naomi Watts, in the title role, did her best – but this movie could drain the talent and sparkle out of anyone.

Royal rating: 1/5

The King’s Speech


Garlanded with seven Oscars including best film, best actor, best director and best original screenplay, this British-made film was a huge hit. It focused on the struggles of George VI to cope with his debilitating stammer, and featured Colin Firth as the nervous king, and Geoffrey Rush as his bold, Australian speech therapist. Charming, touching and witty, this did the Royals’ history proud.

Royal rating: 5/5

The Queen

the queen

Helen Mirren put in a tour de force performance as the Queen in the grim aftermath of Diana’s death, and won a well-deserved Oscar for her portrayal. Peter Morgan’s screenplay was a sensitive exploration of how the Royals were forced to adapt to change, and bend to the will of the people, at one of their darkest times. It was a big hit – perhaps because it dramatised such recent history.

Royal rating: 5/5

The Royals

The Royals - Season: 1

Oh dear. The E! Entertainment series presents an imaginary version of the British Royal family, with a Prince Liam who wanders round ‘malls’ and meets girls in ‘coffee shops’ all alone, a ‘King Simon’ and Liz Hurley as Queen Helena. The dire script has them all talking like Gossip Girl extras, and the reality-rating is lower than a corgi’s undercarriage. It has, however, been renewed for a second series – though we suspect that approval isn’t emanating from Buckingham Palace.

Royal rating: 1/5

A Royal Night Out

royal night out

Opening in May, this new movie imagines what happened on VE night, when the Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth were permitted to go out and mingle (with protection) with the commoners. According to the film, it is a night full of ‘excitement, danger, and the first flutters of romance’. The cast inspire confidence, with Rupert Everett and Emily Watson playing the King and Queen – but whether it’s a King’s Speech or a Diana still remains to be seen…

Royal rating: 3/5 (we hope)

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