Season’s greetings

It’s Christmas Card Day on 9 December, so if you haven’t sent yours out already why not take this opportunity to wish your friends a merry Christmas? Here are some Christmas card facts in celebration of the day…


  • The first ever Christmas card was created in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, who worked for Royal Mail. Only 1,000 of them were produced!
  • Today, around 1.5 billion Christmas cards are sent in the UK each year, with people sending an average of 17 Christmas cards each.
  • Of these, 85% of greeting cards are bought by women, with Christmas cards for their mum ranking as the biggest priority for card senders.
  • The record number of Christmas cards sent by a single person in a year was a whopping 62,824!
  • An average of £17.02 is spent per person on Christmas cards and postage each year.
  • Although an increasing amount of us now cut costs by sending ecards or using social media, 72 per cent of people would prefer to receive a traditional card and 78 per cent always send one.

Want to spread festive cheer on a minimal budget? Here are some ways to cut Christmas card costs …

  1. Get them cheap – Buying your cards in bulk and checking out the cheaper ranges at pound stores is a great way to cut costs without cutting your list of recipients.
  2. Make your own – If you can’t spot anything you like within your budget, making your own cards is another great option and will also help you get in the festive spirit! Visit for some tips and ideas.
  3. Plan early – Buying your Christmas cards in the Boxing Day sales can help cut next year’s costs. This year, make sure you also get your cards sent out before 18 December for 2nd Class delivery, to save money on stamps.
  4. Hand deliver – Hand delivering your cards where possible can save you 53p per card for 2nd Class delivery, or 62p on 1st
  5. Embrace the digital age – Although many of us love receiving traditional cards, sending a digital message can still mean a lot if you do it right. Try replacing cards to distant friends and relatives with a Christmas catch up on Skype for a more personal way to deliver your Christmas wishes. You can also personalise an ecard for free at or make your own card using videos and images that mean something to you and your recipient at

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