How to sell your house – fast!

April is one of the most popular months to put your home on the market, while May has the most house sales. So if you’re thinking of moving, now’s the time. And if you want to improve your chances of selling even further, follow these top tips, from Michael Bruce, CEO of hybrid estate agency

shutterstock_2103189881. Fix up the front door

The front door is the very first thing that a buyer will see when they come to view your property. It goes without saying you should give it a good clean, but also give it a splash of colour to make it really stand out. Blue is the most popular colour!

2. Be sneaky with storage space

Plenty of storage is something every buyer is looking for. With this in mind, pre-viewings, clear out all your cupboards, reorganise and fit as much in them as you can – making the most of every inch of space. Buyers will always snoop, so be as neat as possible.

3. Light it up

We all want light… and plenty of it. In addition to cleaning your windows and opening the curtains wide to maximise light, try increasing the wattage of your light bulbs and cut back any bushes outside to optimise the amount of sunshine you’re getting into the property.

4. Don’t forget outdoor lighting…

A bit of landscape lighting not only provides safety and security, but also accentuates key features in the garden and illuminates pathways.

5. Make things symmetrical

Symmetrical compositions are pleasing on the eye so in areas like the entrance hall, try to get light fixtures aligned with feature art. Welcoming entranceways will instantly boost kerb appeal.

6. Keep the animals at bay

It’s often thought that cuddly animals will warm the heart of potential buyers – but for those who aren’t a fan of pets, it may put them off from the outset. For allergy sufferers, animals are often a sign of triggers embedded all over the house.

 7. Add a mailbox

A mailbox can add instant personality to the exterior of a house. Matching the mailbox to the house’s exterior colour or the colour of the fence will make it appear neat and in keeping with the rest of the exterior design.

8. Hold mock viewings

Holding a mock viewing with friends and family means that you get an objective opinion on what people really think of your house. Make sure you choose your honest friends for this one!

9. Create space with paint

To create an illusion of space in a room, make a statement wall by painting the wall directly opposite the window in a darker colour, and keep the remaining walls in a lighter shade. This will make the room seem bigger through the trick of light.

10. Don’t let your neighbours ruin it for you

If your neighbours have rubbish lying around outside their house, and they haven’t responded to your polite nudge, clear it up yourself and try to conceal rubbish bins (theirs and yours) behind a hedge or a small fence. If you have to have them on show, make sure they are clean and lids are on securely.

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