Should you be taking a statin?

Candis health editor, Karen Evennett shares the latest health update…

491145193Your cholesterol may be within the normal healthy range, but American research suggests that if you have a chronic kidney condition that is just as good a reason to take a statin – the drug used to lower cholesterol. Writing in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the researchers say that people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have an increased risk for developing heart disease, therefore preventive measures such as maintaining normal cholesterol levels are important. Current UK guidelines recommend that anyone with a 10% risk of heart disease in the next ten years should take a statin. But the advice is controversial – not everyone agrees with the widespread use of statins, and research from Australia found that doctors have to treat 60 people with statins for five years to prevent one non-fatal heart attack, or 260 people for five years to prevent one stroke. There was no difference in mortality figures in people in this group whether they did or didn’t take statins. Talk to your GP if you think you may need to start taking statins, or if you are considering stopping the treatment.


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