Wedding disasters

From small hiccups to horror stories

Six real life wedding disasters

If you enjoyed our readers’ tales of wedding woe and marital mix-up in the May issue of Candis, here are some more…

Early birds

Simmone Edwards and Samuel Hibberd from Berkshire flew out to the Dominican Republic for their dream wedding back in December 2008. But due to a travel mix-up, they had to hold the ceremony three days early – meaning all their guests missed the big day. When their guests did arrive, the couple had a second ceremony in their hotel. But at the reception afterwards, one by one, the guests, bride and groom all fell ill with sickness and diarrhoea.

Dress to impress

In December 2008, Sophie Clarke was on her way to marry Karl Woods in Bretforton, Worcestershire, in a horse-drawn carriage when the horse bolted, throwing out the driver and his assistant. As the horse sped into the path of a truck, Sophie’s father pushed his daughter from the carriage before jumping out himself. The bride suffered head and leg injuries, concussion and whiplash, but paramedics said she was saved from further injury by her £2,000 dress. Sophie and Karl married six weeks later – when the bride arrived by car.

In sickness and health

The wedding of Vilma and Paul Cassidy of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, in July 2010 hadn’t even begun when their 16-month-old pageboy collapsed and starting fitting. He was rushed to hospital by paramedics – who then had to return to tend to the groom’s mother, who had collapsed outside the church. One of the guests then received a text message to say her father had died, the couple’s children both cut their heads open at the reception and at the end of the day, Paul tried to get to his car to visit his mother in hospital to find it had been locked in the hotel car park.

Guns and roses

Back in February 2009, Roy and Val Worthington of Castle Donington, Leicestershire, decided to throw a cowboy-themed party at a local pub to celebrate their wedding. But they got the shock of their lives when armed police – complete with dogs and a helicopter – raided the venue. Despite the fact that Val had phoned the police months earlier to tell them about the party and the possibility of toy guns, when a call came about a man seen heading to the pub with a rifle, the force had swung into action.

Kept in the dark

When Peter Rogers arrived at Dover Discovery Centre in January 2012 to marry Michelle, he was ordered out by staff who said they weren’t ready. Half an hour later the couple were told the registrar had not turned up as she was out walking her dog. It was two hours before another official arrived to marry them – but they had the wrong vows, wrong music and even called Michelle by the wrong name. And by the time the ceremony finished it was too dark for the official photographer to take any pictures of their big day.

Third time lucky

In the weeks after Christine and David Fletcher wedding in May 2011, the bride noticed her ring finger was increasingly itchy and thought it must be from a mosquito bite from their honeymoon in Crete. Unfortunately, it turned out that Christine was allergic to nickel in her white gold wedding ring and couldn’t wear it. Luckily, the jeweller exchanged it for an 18-carat gold one and the couple decided to renew their vows with that one. But just before the ceremony, David sliced through his thumb and they spent the day in A&E. Finally, months later, they renewed their vows, along with 21 other couples, at a church ceremony led by the Bishop of Jarrow.

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