8 small pleasures that make life worth living

A survey by Reddit rounded up the ‘small pleasures’ that improve our lives in little ways every day, cheer us up, and give us something to look forward to after work. What would you add? We’d have ‘kicking piles of leaves’ and ‘a really good cup of Yorkshire tea after a holiday.’


1 Falling asleep while it’s raining outside

Not if the wind’s howling like Wuthering Heights, obviously. But the steady patter of rain on the roof is deeply reassuring, lulling most of us into a state of meditative calm – which is why ‘rain’ anti-insomnia apps are so popular. NB, this doesn’t work if you have a tin roof.

2 A shower with good water pressure

There’s no greater bathroom-based disappointment than turning on a shower when you’re cold, dirty and longing for a cascade of near-boiling water, and it trickling out tepid, with all the force of a mouse’s tears. That’s why hotels spend so much on high-pressure rain showers – because once you’ve stood in a steamy waterfall, you want to do it forever.

3 Lying in your own bed after a long journey

Crisp, cotton sheets, familiar scents and a pillow that actually understands you and your neck problems…the relief of sinking into your own nest after hours of irritating and exhausting travel may well be unmeasurable, it’s so huge.

4 Fresh baked bread and good quality butter

A slice of white toastie shop loaf is fine – but there’s no comfort like the crunch of newly-baked bread, and the salty richness of good butter. Just the taste is enough to make you feel like a milkmaid on the farm as the sun rises – it’s so wholesome and delicious, you could eat the whole loaf. In fact, you might.

5 Waking up for work, only to realise it’s Saturday

Every child has crawled miserably from bed and struggled into school uniform, only to find it’s Saturday and the world is a joyful place after all. And it’s even better when you’re a grown-up who’s just pinged awake as the alarm goes off, contemplating getting the kids up, the school run, work…only it’s the weekend. Back to sleep with you!

6 Sitting by a fire

There’s nothing to dislike about this, other than the thread veins caused by huddling too close to the warming flames. But it’s a small price to pay. What life was like before they invented fire doesn’t bear thinking about – but we suspect ‘dark’ and ‘cold.’ And then some genius invented crumpets, too.

7 Getting goosebumps from a song

Whether it’s Robbie Williams, Guns N’ Roses or a Bach cantata, music can be the biggest lift imaginable on a dull day. You may not break out in shivers every time you hear it – but there’s nothing like a favourite song, that reminds you of good times, to offer fleeting joy when it comes on.

8 Putting on clothes straight out of the dryer

Somehow, clothes that have been hanging up for ages just go a bit…limp. They’re chilly, even slightly damp. It isn’t enjoyable. Extracting them straight from the dryer, however, is like having a personal butler warming your garments before you step into them. No creases, no ironing, and a shirt that feels like a cuddle. Can’t complain.

What are your small pleasures? Let us know @candismagazine, #smallpleasures and we’ll round up the best!

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