Strong yet safe…Natural Food Supplements Scientifically Proven to Work

Food supplements come in so many shapes, sizes, strengths and flavours these days.

How can we be sure we are making the right choices for us?

Health food buffs will know the benefits of many of our ingredients, but with so many supplement brands offering you ineffective strengths of key bioactives, a LOT of people are simply pouring their hard earned cash down the drain and are left with depleted faith in natural health solutions.

The Naked Pharmacy is a 100% natural registered pharmacy, based in Surrey, UK. Pharmacist and founder, Kevin Leivers, has created a range of scientifically proven micronutrient food supplements that are highly effective yet safe.‘Having worked as a consultant pharmacist in the natural medicine and supplement sector for nearly 30 years, I felt that many supplements were punching well below their potential – meaning that they could be so much more powerful and effective for health if they followed some of the scientific principles used by the conventional pharmaceutical industry’, said Kevin Leivers, Founder of The Naked Pharmacy.

‘I wanted to retain but improve the traditional elements of naturals by adding human clinical research, modern formulation and extraction techniques, along with good manufacturing and quality control practices. These are the standards we apply to all of our Naked Pharmacy supplements.’

Speak to an Expert

Our popular telephone service means you can speak to a registered pharmacist who can give you expert advice on your specific symptoms.

Each person who comes to us for advice is treated as an individual with their own story and set of symptoms. We love to build long-term relationships with our customers and see the most positive results this way.

Please call us on (+44) 01483 685630 Mon – Friday, 10am – 3pm or leave a message and a pharmacist will call you back.

Eleanor’s Story – Natural Solutions for Menopausal Symptoms

Eleanor came to us complaining of a host of menopause symptoms. We recommended a course of Saffrosun, The Naked Pharmacy’s much-loved high-strength saffron supplement. Her testimonial speaks for itself and you can read her story here.

Stop wasting your time and money on products that don’t work.

Whilst The Naked Pharmacy do not advise you use our products in place of recommended medical advice, we aim to educate about the benefits of natural alternatives and to provide effective, proven products and advice to suit each individual customer.

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