How to supercharge your spring clean

March 20th marks the first day of spring – but if the very idea of embarking upon a spring clean brings you out in a sweat, we’ve got the answer. We’ve worked tirelessly to find the 12 most brilliant products to help you to bring order to chaos and zip through even the dirtiest job.

Oven Pride Complete Cleaning Solution with Liquid, Bag and Gloves, from £2.99, Home Bargains and most supermarkets


A hardworking oven needs a super tough cleaner and this one wins hands down in tests. It’s the only oven cleaner that cleans both the oven and the inner racks. Place the racks into the bags with some of the solution, make sure they are coated evenly with liquid and then seal. For best results, leave overnight and wash in soapy water to strip through months of grease and grime.



Wizz Mould and Mildew Remover, £3.70 (750ml),

We can’t praise this spray highly enough. It really does eliminate mould and mildew in a flash. There’s no need to scrub, just spray it on, leave for five to ten minutes and wipe off – mould completely vanishes. It’s also great for discoloured grout between tiles, ceilings and even works on tent canvas!


715212Kleeneze Wipe Out Stain Remover, £4.99 (750ml),

Tackle stubborn stains once and for all with this hardworking product. We tried it on old coffee stains on carpet, fresh mud stains on a fabric sofa and general grime stains on teenage boys’ clothes and car upholstery. Results are outstanding and as you only need a bit at a time, this bottle is economical too.


073873Kleeneze Sticky Stuff Remover, £4.99 (200ml),

Never have to worry about getting rid of annoying sticky labels again. It’s so good we always take it on our Candis food shoots as it tackles adhesive and oily stains with ease.


Bar Keepers Friend, Ref 8868, £2.79

Bar Keepers Friend, £2.79 (200g),

Another tried-and-tested hero we use regularly in the Candis kitchen. It’s a wonder product at removing burnt on marks and discoloration on any stainless steel pots, pans or baking trays. Use to shine up cutlery and to get ceramic sinks and hobs sparkling without any scratching. It’s a gentle, but effective, liquid cleanser that is effective on rust and brings up brass doorknobs like new.


Method Mint Glass Cleaning Spray, £4 (828ml), John Lewis

Not all window cleaners are created equal and this product consistently beats competitors hands down. Cut the need for elbow grease to the bare minimum; a quick wipe over with Method spray will leave windows and glass smudge free and squeaky clean – and smelling gorgeous, too.



IBA Nourishing Leather Wipes (pack of 24), £1.50, Wilko

Always handy for a quick clean, we love that these wipes remove any sticky finger marks, grease and dust from leather surfaces and sofas etc. They contain natural lanolin to lightly condition and protect your furniture.


Cif Wood Floor Cleaner Camomile (1ltr), £2, Tesco

Brilliant for laminate and sealed wood floors, they come up a treat as its residue free for a fabulous shine. Use on wooden surfaces and washable wooden furniture, great for washing kitchen cupboard doors as it smells lovely, too. Can also be used on vinyl and ceramic tiles – a product to keep under the kitchen sink!


PE305609Garnityr, drawer organisers (set of seven), £13, Ikea

Practical yet pretty, these well-made and flexible drawer organisers will help get your day off to a better start. They’re great for socks, undies, belts and jewellery and have useful zips in the bottom to fold up when not in use. Also good for inside wardrobes.


CT_04Cable Tidy (three pack), from £9.98, JML

Sort that spaghetti-junction of wires behind your TV or PC once and for all with these clever cable tidies. We tried a number of designs and found these were the easiest to use – and re-use if you change your mind about what goes where.


UntitledVacPack Bundle (four large and four jumbo bags), £29.96, JML

Every spring clean will reveal bulky items you don’t want to throw away, but don’t have room to store. Try saving space with these vacuum-sealed bags. We found they worked brilliantly for winter coats, bulky duvets and excess pillows. Easy to use, you suck the excess air out of the bags using your vacuum cleaner, compressing them so they take up far less room when stacked in a wardrobe or under the bed.


Decorative Brushed Nickel Hooks, £6.69, Command 3M,


Need to hang things up so they’re not on the floor, but worried about ruining your doors or walls? We’ve found the ideal product. These hooks are incredibly strong, holding up to 1kg weights, and stay where you stick them. They even worked well in a bathroom setting where there is lots of condensation. We also liked that they come in a variety of colours, sizes and attractive designs.

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    Fantastic Prize, storage bags and boxes for organisation once the place has been cleaned from top to bottom. X

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