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AmazingThis weekend sees the last bank holiday of the summer. And if you’re spending time with family or friends, what better way to pass some time than to get the grey matter working and test each other’s knowledge with our fun family quiz. Why not form teams and make the losers cook dinner then do the washing up!

Part 1

1. What’s the smallest mammal in the world?

A Pygmy shrew

B Doormouse

C Bumblebee bat

D Ant

2 Which of these sports is NOT played on a court?

A Tennis

B Baseball

C Squash

D Basketball

3 Which country’s national dish is Chivito?

A Uruguay

B Portugal

C Russia

D Greece

4 Who plays Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey?

A Judi Dench

B Maggie Smith

C Helen Mirren

D Sue Johnston

5 Of which Australian state is Perth the capital?

A Queensland

B Western Australia

C Victoria

D South Australia

6 What are Prince George’s middle names?

A Charles Alexander

B Charles Louis

C Henry William

D Alexander Louis

7 Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture this year?

A The Descendants

B 12 Years a Slave

C Gravity

D Dallas Buyers Club

8 Which singer-songwriter was born in 1941 with the surname Zimmerman?

A James Taylor

B Neil Young

C Leonard Cohen

D Bob Dylan

9 What is the name of One Direction’s 2012 album release?

A Take Me Home

B Take Me Down

C Take Me Back

D Take Me Out

10 In what year did World War I end?

A 1914

B 1939

C 1905

D 1918

11 Where was the first battle of the Wars of the Roses fought?

A Bosworth Field

B St Albans

C Tewkesbury

D Barnet

12 What is sodium chloride?

A Chalk

B Salt

C Baking powder

D Caustic soda

13 Which English scientist discovered hydrogen?

A Henry Cavendish

B Humphry Davy

C Joseph Priestley

D Robert Boyle

14 What part of the body does a turtle use to breathe?

A Belly

B Shell

C Mouth

D Anus

15 How old is the singer Katy Perry?

A 29

B 39

C 21

D 18

Part 2

1. Which city has been chosen to host the 2016 Olympic Games?

2. Which planet has nine rings around it?

3. What’s the longest river in the world?

4. What are the three primary colours?

5. How many of Snow White’s seven dwarfs had a name that didn’t end in a ‘y’?

6. First invented in Denmark in 1949, the pieces were originally called Automatic Binding Bricks. How do we know them today?

7. During which year was the National Lottery introduced in Great Britain?

8. What does Peppa Pig love doing the most?

9. Which is the only country that ends with the letter ‘q’?

10.In which sport can you score a try?

11. What do the words trivia, paparazzi, assizes and graffiti all have in common?

12. What is a prime number?

13. How many strings does a standard Spanish guitar have?

14. Who wrote Peter Pan?

15. Which country was Adolf Hitler born?

16. Which of the five senses develops first?

17. How many sides does a hexagon have?

18. Is hot air lighter or heavier than cold air?

19. Who was the President of the US at the beginning of the 21st century?

20. What was the name of the actress that John McEnroe married?


Part 1: 1, C. 2, B. 3, A. 4, B. 5, B. 6, D. 7, B. 8, D. 9, A. 10, D. 11, B. 12, B. 13, A. 14, D. 15, A

Part 2: 1 Brazil. 2 Saturn. 3 Nile. 4 Yellow, red and blue. 5 Two – Bashful and Doc. 6 Lego. 7 1994. 8 Jumping in muddy puddles. 9 Iraq. 10 Rugby. 11 They are all plural. 12 A whole number greater than 1, which can be divided evenly only by 1, or itself. 13 Six. 14 JM Barrie. 15 Austria. 16 Touch. 17 Six. 18 Cold air. 19 Bill Clinton. 20 Tatum O’Neal.


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