TEN 80’S HEART-THROBS (that broke our hearts)

We’ve been fondly remembering the 80s and which pin-ups of the day made our hearts race. Here’s ten of our favourites – let us know who we’ve missed out

Michael Praed1.  Michael Praed

The gorgeous British actor was best known for being Robin of Loxley in the cult TV series Robin of Sherwood in the 1980s. Since then, he’s starred in, er… we’re not actually sure.

Andrew Ridgeley2. Andrew Ridgeley

He was the other half of Wham, and had great 80’s hair, pastel leisure-wear and a Colgate white smile – the ultimate pin-up!


John Taylor3. John Taylor

Nigel John Taylor is the bass guitarist and co-founder of new wave band Duran Duran – he was ultra cool and we loved his incredible cheekbones… (but ‘Nigel’? He kept that quiet).

SONY DSC4. Pierce Brosnan

The handsome Irish actor rose to fame as Private Detective Remington Steele in the 80s, he went on to star in the hit film Mrs Doubtfire and he also played James Bond, 007, four times. In fact, he still sets hearts of a certain age fluttering…

Tom Cruise5. Tom Cruise

We liked his cheeky smile in Risky Business but fell for him hook, line and sinker as the dynamic Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the 1986 action film Top Gun. Fill in your own Take My Breath Away comment.

Rob Lowe6. Rob Lowe

One of the stars of the cult 1985 film St Elmo’s Fire, and part of the Brat Pack, his masculine square jawline and blue eyes made him into a screen heart throb. He’s still looking good 30 years later.

David Hasselhoff7. The Hoff aka David Hasselhoff

The American actor, singer and producer exploded on to our screen as Michael Knight in the 80’s series, Knight Rider, complete with leather jacket, tight denims and a talking sportscar… he went on to play life guard Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch, and sing at the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Which was random.

John Thaw8. John Thaw

A great actor – John Edwards Thaw, OBE, played Detective Inspector Jack Regan in the popular TV series The Sweeney until the early 80s. Even as Inspector Morse, he had a certain something. Or maybe it was the Jag…

Michael Landon9. Michael Landon

The enigmatic American actor, writer, director and producer played Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza and we loved him as Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, too. Apparently, he received an enormous amount of fan mail. Can’t think why.

David Sylvian10. David Sylvian

His model looks and stylish blonde locks made him the epitome of 80’s style – David was the lead singer of new wave band, Japan, but while boys wanted to be him, girls just wanted to stroke his beautiful, shiny hair.

Don’t forget to let us know who we’ve missed out…

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