The 5 best-loved holiday destinations

New research from Centtrip has found UK travellers took 60 million trips abroad last year and spent over £35 billion while there. That’s a lot of ice cream. But where do we love most… and why?

ThinkstockPhotos-1773899051 Spain

Way ahead of the pack with over 12 million visits by Brits, Spain retains its crown.


What we love

Spain offers all the ingredients for a perfect holiday, with sangria, paella, friendly people, beautiful beaches, the glorious architecture of Barcelona and Madrid, dramatic history, and fabulous food markets. Oh, and sun. Lots of sun.

iStock_000035551014_Small2 France

Usually the first ‘abroad’ place we ever go, France is just as good for grown-ups. Actually, it’s better because we can drink wine.

Eiffel Tower river view

What we love

It’s easy to get to, plus the diversity of the country is huge. Shopping in Paris, strolling La Croisette in Cannes, or just driving through the countryside with the kids moaning in the back, searching for a non-existent campsite… it’s all fun. Then there’s the food …



Our big, brash neighbour is adored by many Brits, and offers culture and climate that encompasses the whole world on one continent.


What we love

The glamour of NYC, when you’ve only ever seen it in films, is always a thrill, but there’s also the heat of Florida, Miami’s pastel buildings, Disneyworld, the red-carpet excitement of LA, the incredible music and culture of the Deep South… plus everyone speaks English. And the burgers come in giant portions.


iStock_000013307642_Small4 Nothern Ireland

The same but different – and full of our families. Maybe that’s why so many of us head to Northern Ireland every year…

Sunset at Giant s causeway

What we love

We head to Belfast, Ulster and County Down in search of reunions, unspoilt coast and countryside, beautiful mountains and valleys, and home-made soda bread washed down with Guinness… it’s easy to get there, and everything said in the local accent sounds wise and poetic.


5 Italy

A big contender for ‘favourite destination’, Italy is awash with reasons to be cheerful. From Venice to Florence to Rome, to the Amalfi coast, the real question is, why wouldn’t we go?


What we love

Italy could well be the most beautiful country in Europe, with sparkling Mediterranean coastlines, breath-taking Renaissance cities, the ancient canals of Venice, and the charms of Tuscany. Then there’s the wine, the pasta, the ice cream… and the fashion. In fact, what don’t we love?

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