The top 6 risks we take

What’s your idea of risky? Swimming with sharks? Camping in Antarctica? Don’t be silly, we’re British. And a new survey has found that included in our biggest risks are “internet shopping after a few glass of wine” and “eating something a bit past its sell by date”. Easy now, thrill-seekers. Here’s the top 6 risks we’re prepared to take… 

1. Not locking your car


Admittedly, this is a risk – but if it’s sitting in the drive, it’s not that dangerous, is it?

We suspect it’s mostly people nipping out for two minutes to grab their child, or pick up some milk. And it probably won’t get nicked in that time.

Leaving it unlocked overnight in the ghetto, however – that’s just silly.

Risk factor: 2/10 (usually)

2. Driving through a red light


Ok, from ‘not very risky’ to ‘are you out of your mind?’ in one move. The only people who should be driving though red lights are James Bond, and anyone chasing James Bond. Everyone else – why would you risk your life (and everyone else’s) to get home 30 seconds sooner?

Risk factor: 10/10

3. Booking a holiday before you can pay for it

shutterstock_189816512This is the sort of domestically edgy behaviour Brits excel at. It’s not quite as dangerous as wrestling starving Rottweilers, but it does mean you’re on an overdraft knife-edge. However, it’s more than likely it’ll all be fine by the time the holiday rolls around. So no, it doesn’t make you Bruce Willis. Sorry.

Risk factor: 4/10

4. Not using sun tan lotion

ThinkstockPhotos-166842608Seriously? Because you never heard about the whole ‘skin cancer’ thing, and it’s still 1973? Of course, we pallid Britons like nothing better than to whip off our woolly layers and turn a faint shell-pink at the first weak ray of spring sun – but going lotion-less when it’s truly hot is just asking for trouble.

Risk factor: 9/10

5. Sitting in first class when you haven’t paid

shutterstock_54222736Kiss wrote “Crazy Nights” about you, didn’t they? It’s definitely a possibility that an irritable guard will appear and charge you the full fare, or throw you off the train. And given that first class these days usually just means “slightly quieter” and “a free beaker of tea”, it’s almost certainly not worth the money – or the excitement.

Risk factor: 7/10

6. Overfilling your hand luggage

Overstuffed baggage isolatedThat heart-racing sensation of knowing the check-in lady is eyeing the tote bag you’ve crammed to the size of a bungalow… will she let it through? Almost certainly not. Budget airlines aren’t known for their easy-going hand luggage policy, and chances are, you’ll soon be making a pile of underwear and paperbacks destined for the nearest bin.

Risk factor: 3/10

3 risks worth taking:


The Lottery on Rollover week


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