The truth about Brits abroad

Brits abroad – it’s all lobster suntans, English breakfasts and shouting to be understood, isn’t it? Well, not according to new research by, which proves that the stereotype is hopelessly outdated. In fact this year, British holidaymakers intend to be thoroughly adventurous. Here’s what we really want to do abroad – and there’s not a full English to be seen.


Visit attractions

The study shows that the average Briton intends to visit five local attractions during their holiday. That’s a far cry from the old image of the fly-and-flop Brit staggering to the sunlounger and staying put for a fortnight. Nowadays we’re well informed, curious, and more than happy to drag the kids to the local Museum of The Fishing Industry whether they like it or not.

Try new foods

Six new dishes or drinks await us, according to the survey. That’s the number of fresh tastes the average Brit is looking for – whether it’s calamari with aioli, or a locally-brewed beer, we’re after culinary excitement, not scanning the streets looking for a sign that says, “Beans and sausages served here”. Although let’s be honest, we’ll probably still take our own teabags.

Make foreign friends

The old era of holidays like the creaky TV series “Duty Free” where you befriended the only other Brits in the resort (“Nigel said he’d save us a sun-lounger…”) are gone. Only 10% of holidaymakers plan to pal up with other Brits abroad this year. Instead, we’re hoping to make some new friends who actually live in the destination. What better way to get to know the best spots and what to avoid? And that way, we won’t get stuck on an endless round of Christmas cards with some couple we never liked in the first place.

Learn the language

Mange tout, Rodney, mange tout… Brits have long been mocked for their tin ear when it comes to unfamiliar languages. We may be able to say “Two beers please” in Spanish and “Breakfast” in German, but our rusty school phrases won’t get us beyond the airport. Now, the majority of us are hoping to learn at least 15 phrases in the language of our destination. And not, as Monty Python suggested, “My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Stay off social media

Don’t forget there’s the ‘bare feet in front of view’ shot to post, the ‘cocktails at sunset – #blessed’ Instagram, the ‘not a bad view from the office today, lol!’ shot of the swimming pool… but not any more for 40% of Brits, who have had enough of the holiday selfie and vowed to stay off social media for the duration.

Brits abroad? We’re cultural, curious and calm. Unless there’s 20% off that full English breakfast, of course…

Which bad British habits will you ditch this year? Let us know @candismagazine #britsabroad

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