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DENISE_ROBERTSON_169Ten years ago I opened a letter that began ‘I could go to prison for writing to you but you are my last resort’. That letter came from a woman whose three children had been taken from her on grounds of unexplained injury. They were hastily adopted and then it was discovered the ‘injured’ child had a medical condition and a grave miscarriage of justice had occurred. Panorama did an in depth investigation, alas, too late to rescind the adoption order. Today she and her husband live in hope of being reunited with their children. Since then I have had thousands of similar letters and last week I finished a novel based on those letters, using the words of the parents and social workers who have written to me in the intervening years. It is dedicated to the writer of that first letter. Miscarriages of justice are still occurring and last week the parents of Ashya King, the little boy who needed proton therapy, said the family will not yet return to the UK because they would not feel safe there. ‘We are not prepared to take the risk that you don’t have to do anything wrong to have your children taken away and be thrown into prison.’ Surely it is time this situation was rectified for all the children and families involved.



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