Thoughts from Denise

DENISE_ROBERTSON_169Some time ago a grieving father wrote to a newspaper and you couldn’t read his letter without understanding his anger and then reciprocating it.  His son died a lingering death from cancer. The district nurse was able to assuage his pain in the latter stages by using a syringe driver, which delivers regular doses of pain relief without having to disturb the patient. However these instruments were in short supply so, after his son’s death, his family set about fundraising to buy enough syringe drivers to equip all the local nurses. They found the exact model used by the NHS at £90 a time and put in an order. Imagine their horror when they offered them to their local NHS only to have their gift refused. “We can only use them if they come from our regular supplier.” The syringe drivers procured through that regular supplier cost a reported £1,000 apiece. Same machine, two prices. As the NHS becomes more and more capable of effecting cures, sometimes of conditions that were once fatal, the cost of the NHS grows. If we have to cut back on medical and nursing staff, it’s surely crazy to allow such blatant profiteering to continue. We need someone in there making sure the NHS always gets best value for money.


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