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Timex have reintroduced an initiative to help families and caregivers support the daily educational needs of their little ones at home…


Timex Time Machines is a FREE interactive, one-stop toolkit by Timex that helps keep your children (year 1-3) engaged and educated at home as they learn how to read, write, and tell time on analogue clocks. Developed with Scholastic, the Timex Time Machines website includes print and digital tools, downloadable lesson plans for teachers as well as fun home activities for families, online teaching games for kids, and a mobile app to extend learning anywhere.



Aside from the free interactive toolkit available, if parents at home would like to reinforce these telling-time lessons, they can purchase the Timex Time Teaching Kit. This kit includes a 3-in-1 set which includes a practice clock with moveable hands, flash cards and Timex’s top-selling kids analogue watch. 





The Timex Time Teaching Kit is £34.99 from








[words by Katie Leese, Grove Communication]









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