Top 5 Moorish tourist attractions

This month’s travel pages whisk you to the United Arab Emirates and the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Captivated by the architectural elegance, we found five other places you can visit to marvel at Moorish-inspired architechture…

Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

Possibly one of the best-known tourist attractions in southern Spain, the Alhambra (or Red Fort in Arabic) features soaring arches, beautiful ceramics, exquisitely carved wooden frames and calligraphic decoration.

The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, has Moorish architecture

Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain

Cathedral of Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is regarded as one of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish architecture, including a hall with 856 columns made of jasper, onyx, marble and granite, double arches painted red and white and richly gilded prayer niches.

The Cathedral of Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain

Cathedral of Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain

Almudaina Palace, Palma, Mallorca

Built by the Moors in 903, this was the original fortress of Palma and overlooks the harbour. The original Arab walls and sea entrance archways remain, as well as the Arab baths. Still used by the Spanish royal family when they’re in Mallorca, the palace is surrounded by the Moorish-inspired gardens of S’Hort des Rei.

The Almudaina Palace in Palma, Mallorca

Almudaina Palace, Palma, Mallorca

Castello di Zisa, Palermo, Sicily

Built by 12th century Arabian craftsmen for William 1 of Sicilly, this compact building has been recently restored. Beautiful mosaics, intricate wooden screens and carved niches are among the highlights along with the surrounding gardens and their extensive water features. The Moorish influence can also be seen on many of Palermo’s churches, which boast red domes and decorative art.

The Castello di Zisa in Palermo, Sicily

Castello di Zisa, Palermo, Sicily

Alcazaba, Malaga

The best-preserved Moorish fortress in Spain, you will see horseshoe arches held up by marble columns, gardens, courtyards and fantastic views plus a museum where you can see Moorish ceramics and other artefacts from the site.

Alcazaba fort in Malaga

The Alcazaba fort in Malaga, Spain

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