Top 5 room renting tips

In the November issue, we look at ways of getting your home to work for you, including renting out a room in your house.

If you’ve been inspired to try this, here are the top five things people looking to rent a room in a house are searching for…

Bunch of keys in a door lock plus doorbell

Could you share your home to bring in some income?

1 Is what you’re charging for rent competitive? You can check what others are charging in your area by typing your postcode into the website

2 What will be included? Will lodgers be expected to pay for things like council tax, gas, electricity, water or broadband on top of the rent?

3 What other areas in the house can they use? And what facilities are available to them, from dishwasher to wifi and everything in between?

4 What sort of amenities are nearby? Anything people need regular access to will be a bonus such as shops, pubs, parks, gyms etc, plus transport links – which train, bus or tube lines are nearby and how long will it take to get to them from your home?

5 What are the house rules? From who does the cleaning to how many nights your lodger’s partner can stay over, clearing this up in advance should avoid any problems in the future.

Matt Hutchinson of room search site says, “The better prepared you are, especially if you’ve never rented out a room before, the easier it will be to manage the process and have a good experience of taking in a lodger.”

To find out how much rent you can receive tax-free, go to and search for Rent a Room scheme.

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