Top beauty cheats

Julia Roberts revealed she always uses baking soda to whiten her teeth in our November Beauty notes, so we uncovered a few more store cupboard beauty cheats for you…

Woman relaxing in a bubble bath

  • Relax in the knowledge that your cupboards may hold all your beauty needs
  • Gwyneth Paltrow recommends using a mixture of sugar, olive oil and coarse ground coffee as a cleanser before smoothing over oatmeal and honey followed by soothing aloe vera.
  • Mix one part organic beer with two parts lukewarm water and use as the final rinse on your hair for super-soft shine.
  • Massage a 20p-sized blob of olive oil into your scalp while the bath is running, leave it in while you soak, wash out thoroughly and condition as usual to boost hair condition.
  • As well as putting slices of cucumber on your eyes to ease tiredness, place sliced tomatoes on your face to brighten dull skin and clear blackheads. Lie back for ten minutes then remove, rinse and pat dry.

    An avocado

  • Rub the inside of an avocado skin on your hands and elbows for baby soft skin.
  • Run out of talc? Use cornflour instead.
  • If you like peppermint or camomile tea, don’t throw away the teabags after you’ve made yourself a cuppa – add them to the bowl of hot water for a great pick-me-up facial steam.

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2 Responses to Top beauty cheats

  1. pat fellows says:

    use the white of an egg and spread it all over your face, its like a face mask and tightens all your face up. Leave to dry (but no smiling) wash off with warm water, followed by cold water and pat dry. Your face will feel so refreshed and tighter.

  2. Lynnekelly says:

    I like this idea of giving beauty tips as there are so many makes on the Market today with such various price’s, but you can only try what you can afford ,so If you think that product doesn’t work you feel cheated and wasted your money therefore are less tempted to keep buying these tips are helpful as we all want to feel beautiful and look good even if we are not movies stars.

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