Top tips to go green (and save money!)

Family cycling

Get on your bike, get fit and go green!

If you’ve been inspired by our global warming feature in the March issue, here are tips from Friends of the Earth to help you go green

  • Next time you’re tempted to jump in the car, consider going by bike instead and you can get fit while helping save the planet.
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones – they’ll save you money in the long term.
  • Buy local and seasonal food. Get a vegetable box delivered, buy from your local farmers market or grow your own (click here).
  • Put energy saving lightbulbs in your house. They can save up to ten times their price over their lifetime.
  • Change your electricity supply over to a renewable energy supplier.
  • Share the school run with other parents or walk / cycle your children to school – see the Sustrans website for more ideas.
  • Install loft insulation – this can cut up to 20 per cent off energy bills.
  • Turn off appliances and light bulbs when leaving a room and avoid leaving TVs and computer screens on standby – leaving them on costs the UK £1.3bn a year.
  • Compost your kitchen and garden waste – contact your local council for details.
  • When heading off on holiday, go by train instead of plane See for inspiration.

Friends of the Earth provides free daily eco and energy saving tips by email and you can sign up for them here.

What do you do to go green and save money?

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