Tried and Tested – Barbecue Food

As the weather is notoriously unpredictable if you are hosting a barbecue, you might as well make it the best, as you never know when the next one will occur! That’s why we took this testing job seriously – see below for the tastiest burgers, sausages and veggie items!

Best sausage range

Asda Extra Special range, £2.50 for six, Asda

These came up trumps for the choice of flavours and the high quality of the filling. Densely packed – so no disintegrating on the grill – and not too fatty but not dry, they cooked evenly without burning when started in the oven and then finished on the barbecue. Testers especially liked the Welsh Cheddar & Smoked Bacon and Three Chilli varieties. Absolutely delicious.

Best innovative

Memphis Style BBQ Sausage Sqwirl, 600g, £3.50, Sainsbury’s

This pork sausage infused with tomato, paprika and chilli cooks really well on the barbecue grill and we found it far less likely to fall through the grill or roll off the edges. It saves time not having to tend to individual sausages as you can turn it with large tongs in one go. Easy to portion up once cooked, it tasted delicious in soft hot-dog rolls. A hit.

Best luxury

Best Ever Burgers with Cheese, £3.50 for two, Marks & Spencer

The secret ingredient in these succulent and juicy burgers is marrowbone, which imparts an extra-savoury meaty depth. The balance of meat to other ingredients was perfect and the seasoning didn’t overpower. Best of all, these hefty burgers cooked evenly on the grill without breaking apart or falling on to the coals.

Best supermarket burger

Specially Selected Perfect Burger, £2.49 for two, Aldi

Made with prime cuts of British beef, a dash of bone marrow, roasted
onion and porcini mushroom, these burgers are definitely up there on the
taste score. They’re a bit of a cheeky copy of Marks & Spencer’s posh burger
but are almost as good – though slightly smaller in size. They did shrink once cooked and some testers felt they were over seasoned but overall were well worth the money.

Best fresh meat-free

The Meatless Farm Co Meat-Free Burgers, £2.50 for two, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons

With a combination of soya, pea and rice protein with chicory root and other natural flavourings this makes a fairly firm patty – perfect fo the grill as it doesn’t disintegrate. All natural, it does look a bit anaemic compared with other burgers
which have colouring added – but dressed with cheese, salads, gherkins and other relishes it makes for a decent veggie barbecue burger.

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