Tried and tested – chilled coffee

With cartons, cans and bottles of cow’s milk, oat and soy and cold presses, lattes and Americanos, the coffee market outside of coffee shops is incredibly diverse. We go in search of the perfect cold caffeine shot that can be enjoyed when you’re on the go. See below for how we fared.

Best flavoured

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, 220ml, 150 calories, caffeine content 47mg per 100ml, £1.70, Morrisons and most supermarkets

With a shot of classic Starbucks espresso, this gave a rich, creamy coffee hit toned down by the sweet caramel flavour. Similar to the in-store version, it was liked best by those with a sweet tooth. Most expensive of the products we tested – but cheaper than in-store.

Best latte

Shaken Udder Ooh La Latte, 330ml, 200 calories, caffeine content not given, £1.35, Morrisons, Boots

Although it is described as a milkshake in a bottle, this was lovely, tasty and creamy, with a good coffee hit. It was not too sweet, either, and testers felt that it provided a true latte taste – giving it the thumbs up for being milky, refreshing and satisfying. We felt it was great value for a large drink.

Best skinny

Emmi Caffè Latte, 230ml, 87 calories, caffeine content 80mg per cup, £1.50, Morrisons, Tesco, Iceland

Made with responsibly sourced Brazilian arabica beans, this had a light consistency and good coffee flavour offering a refreshing drink. Lactose-free, it comes with a lid similar to those from take-out coffee shops which you pop back on once you’ve removed the foil seal. Great if you’re keeping an eye on the calories but don’t want to give up a fancy coffee.

Best non-dairy

Alpro Caffè Brazilian Coffee & Almond Blend, 235ml, vegan, 82 calories, caffeine content 20mg per 100ml, £1.70, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Boots

Dairy-, gluten- and peanut-free, this uses almonds to get that milky flavour and less sugar than other milk substitutes. We found it to have a subtle but moreish coffee taste and most testers couldn’t tell it did not contain milk. A blend of flavours, a pleasing dark colour with just a nutty hint coming through

Best overall

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Flat White Extra Shot, 250ml, 100 calories, caffeine content 57mg per 100ml, £1, Whole Foods and supermarkets

Jimmy’s specialises in cold coffees and uses excellent-quality arabica coffee. The taste is the most authentic we tried and was appreciated by real coffee fans. Sweetened with a touch of demerara sugar, this was consistently rated as a favourite.

Best mocha

Arctic Iced Mocha, 330ml, 183 calories, caffeine content 39mg per 100ml, £1, Tesco

A good-value and very tasty mocha for those who like a dose of chocolate with their coffee, this range comes in an easy-to-handle, and recyclable, carton. It was dense in flavour with distinctive coffee and chocolate notes. Made with arabica beans, Fairtrade cocoa and Devonshire milk, it has a little screw top so no need for a straw.

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