Tried and Tested – Chilli Sauces

With sales of hot sauce soaring in the UK, many independent companies are looking to create something a little different with taste, not just heat. So how do they stack up against the big brands? We put some to the test.

Best mild

Geeta’s Spicy Madras Tomato & Chilli, 210g, £1.99, Ocado and independent retailers nationwide

With the texture of a ketchup and a balanced mild tomato-based flavour with the kick of red chillies, this is a delicious sauce that most people will be able to tolerate. Indian-influenced, it worked well mildwith popadoms and drizzled on meats, cheeses, rice and so on. It was the standout favourite of all the testers in this category.

Best siracha

Sauce Shop Red Sriracha, 255g, £3.50,

Made using aged red chilli peppers, this sauce has been blended for taste, not just heat. It contains no thickeners, stabilisers or other gloopy additives, which allows the real flavours to shine. Our testers loved its mild-to-medium heat, which worked well with stir-fries, chips and stirred into hummus. A winner.

Best brand

Encona West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce, 220ml, £1.55, supermarkets nationwide

A combination of Habanero and Scotch bonnet chillies with a fiery and fruity taste, it’s no wonder this is a favourite on tables at home and abroad. The flavour works in pretty much anything, adding heat to soups, stir-fries, rice dishes, all meat and fish, sandwiches and salads. Good value for money, with a taste that’s consistent and delicious.

Best supermarket

Ghost Chilli Sauce, 150ml, £1, Morrisons

Made with 12 per cent ghost pepper, this is a surprisingly flavoursome chilli for the price. Not too runny or gloopy, it had hints of garlic, tomato and mustard to balance the flavours with a hefty heat kick on the afterburn. It was too hot for some of our testers, but got a definite thumbs up from others.

Best super hot

Wiltshire Chilli Farm Reaper Habanero, 100ml, £6,

Wiltshire Chilli Farm prides itself on creating hot sauces with heat but maximising flavour, and this handmade small-batch sauce is not for the faint-hearted. But the chilli aficionados among our testers really liked the slow but very intense burn,
which took nothing away from the flavours. It contains red Habanero chilli, reaper chilli and smoked paprika for a smooth, addictively fierce chilli punch.

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