Tried and Tested – Heated Airers

Best for families

Dry:Soon Mini Standard 3-Tier Heated Airer, £99.99, Lakeland

Once set up – which took all of two minutes – this tower-shaped airer was surprisingly lightweight. There are three levels of shelves, which can be fully or partly opened, depending on how much you’re drying. The lead is quite short so it would need to be positioned close to a socket or you would need to use an extension lead. It claims to hold 15kg of washing – and it did accommodate a whole load from an average washing machine. As it’s thermostatically controlled, it’s safe to leave on overnight – all clothes were dry come the morning. When folded flat it’s only 8cm wide so it can be stored in a cupboard or utility room. At only four pence an hour to run, it’s very economical and much more energy efficient than drying using radiators.


Fastest drying

DriBUDDI Compact Indoor Electric Clothes Dryer by JML, £69.99,

This comes in parts but was easy to assemble and once up resembles a coat stand with cover. It’s more a dryer than an airer as it has a motor, which circulates warm air around the clothes. You simply hang up wet garments on hangers, put on the cover then turn it on. There is a low hum when on but less than a washing machine or dryer. You also have a timer option – or you can switch it off manually. It is not advised to leave it on and go out or leave it on overnight. It claims to hold 18 items but we found it was most effective when there were about 12 items – such as shirts and dresses. It dried 12 items in around two and a half hours. And creases were greatly reduced making ironing so much easier. Compact when up, it can be safely tucked into the corner of a room to be out of the way of children or pets.


Best for bathrooms

Homcom Bathroom Floor Mounted Electric Heated Towel Rail, £54.99,

With minimal assembly, compact and light, this is an extremely portable towel rail. We used it both in the bathroom for towels – it could accommodate two bath sheets or four hand towels – and the kitchen to dry tea towels. It has anti-skid feet to stop it from moving around when you pull towels off. It heats up quickly and the warmer function worked well heating towels ready for use. It also provided extra room heat – always welcome in a bathroom during cooler months. A great choice for those who want something easily transportable.


Most economical

Heated airer, £29.99, Dunelm

At just three pence an hour to run, this little airer is great for drying hats, gloves and scarves, or airing damp items from the dryer without cluttering radiators. It can dry small items over a day but jeans and towels would take longer. However, it is also useful for drying items that can’t go in washing machines and dryers. It folds flat and is easy to store. The outer rail doesn’t heat up, possibly for safety reasons, and this does reduce the heated drying area but, if used as above, it’s a very handy dryer.

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