Tried and Tested – Ice Lolly Makers

It’s fun, healthier and cheaper to make your own ice lollies, but not all lolly moulds are created equal. We weed out the ones that don’t do what they promise and we reveal which of the latest clever inventions are worth buying.

Quickest lollies

Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker, £38.29

This nifty gadget can make three lollies at a time without using electricity. Simply place the base of the pop maker in the freezer for a minimum of ten hours, remove, then pour in your pre-prepared mixture and in about 7-9 minutes, your lollies will be ready! It makes three lollies at a time, and we found that we were able to make nine in total before it needed to be put back into the freezer.

Family favourite

Lékué Popsicle Mould Stackable, Multi-Colour, 4-piece, £18.56

These are also quite small, but their stackable design means they take up little space in the freezer – great if it’s at a premium. Very easy to use, remove, and clean, and it comes with some yummy recipe cards such as salted caramel popcorn. We tried our own raspberry ripple and they were a big hit! A little on the expensive side, but made to last.

Best retro

Baffect Stainless Steel Popsicle Mould with Stick Holder Ice Cream Mould, set of 6 (round), £26.99,

Made of food grade stainless steel, which is claimed makes them safe and durable. They are easy to fill using a stainless-steel stand. The finished product needed placing in warm water to remove, but was a good size. It took up a lot of space in the freezer, and one of the edges was a little sharp, so check before use.

Best silicone

Zoku Ring Pop Mould, £14.99

Smaller than expected, these moulds nevertheless proved perfect for smaller mouths. Our young testers loved wearing them as rings on their fingers too. Easy to fill and even easier to extract due to the flexible silicone, which doesn’t turn brittle at low temperatures. They were easy to clean by inverting the moulds and washing.

(10 Pack) Ice Pop Silicone Moulds

Secure Leak Proof Caps – Flexible & Durable, £10.95

Simply fill, leaving room for expansion, then insert the cap and place in the freezer. They really don’t leak and the 80ml volume is a good size. We found the first batches retained a faint odour of silicone; this disappeared after a couple of uses. Place around the freezer in nooks and crannies to make best use of space.




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