Tried and Tested – Pancake Mixtures

The trend for no-hassle pancakes continues with ready-made mixtures, pancakes and crêpes filling supermarket shelves at this time of year. But do they work? Are they worth the money? And, more importantly, do they taste good?

Best ready-made

Abra-ca-Debora Sweet Dutch Pancakes, £2 for 6, Tesco

They can be eaten cold but we much preferred them warm. Heat in the microwave, oven, or frying pan with a knob of butter for a really tasty, fluffy pancake that works well with all sweet toppings. They’re not too sweet with a pleasing texture and they roll up without splitting. Excellent.


Best budget

Co-Op Batter Mix, 29p for a 128g bag. Makes six medium pancakes

Very easy to use – you just add one egg and some water and whisk together. These made lovely pancakes, which cooked quickly and evenly and tasted like the best French crêpes. Absolute quality and such good value.


Best gluten-free

ASDA Free From Pancake Shaker, £1.50 for 155g bottle. Makes six

We tested a number of these ‘shaker’ style bottles, where you just add water or milk to the fill line then shake for a couple of minutes to create your batter, and the results were disappointing, to say the least. Not this one though. Prepared in the frying pan, it made good thin pancakes that coloured beautifully with a proper pancake taste – not too sweet or salty. The texture was just right too.


Best American-style

Birds Eye Classic pancakes, £1.50 for six

Handy to keep in the freezer, these are individually wrapped and can be popped in the toaster from frozen for one minute. Once piping hot, they can be dressed with your favourite toppings. With a slight American pancake taste, they worked as well with fruit and syrup as traditional lemon and sugar. You can also microwave them but the texture – light and fluffy on the inside with a slight crisp to the outside – was definitely better toasted. Kids loved them.


Best luxury

M&S Pancakes with Zesty Lemon Sauce, £2 for six

These ready-made pancakes are a winner – no washing up needed, just pop in the microwave for two minutes and they taste like the best crêpes. The sauce, which you microwave separately, is tangy and thick and means you don’t have to add sugar.

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