Tried and Tested – Lightweight vacuum cleaners

From hand-helds to robots and uprights with lighter technology, there are a host of helpful products on the market to make cleaning that little bit easier. But are they good for a full clean or just light chores?

Best robot

Botvac D3 Connected, £449.99,

You can leave the cleaning to Neato while you’re at work or out and about, as it uses laser-scanning technology to map your house, and it can be controlled remotely via the app, Facebook Chat, Apple Watch, or connected via Amazon Alexa, Google Home or IFTTT. Connecting the phone app to the cleaner was simple – it took less than five minutes – and the app shows you a map of where the machine has been, which is reassuring. It cleans pretty well, but it does need a fair bit of space to run efficiently – it didn’t negotiate some tight corners very well due to the presence of radiator pipes.

Best luxury

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, £449.99,

Charges in 3½hours for 1 hour’s cleaning time

This super-powerful vacuum cleaner made short work of dog hairs and dust from the first push. At a very manageable 2.7kg, it also comes with a handy wall attachment that also holds all the other extras such as the upholstery tool and dusting brush. This got full marks for every test we set it with the only negative being that you have to keep the power button pressed down permanently, which can be tiring after a while. Expensive but worth the money. Testers loved it.

Best cordless

Gtech Power Floor Cordless, £249.99,

Charges in 4 hours for 40 minutes’ cleaning time

This vacuum cleaner is a lot more sturdy than others, yet still weighs only 2.4kg. It’s powerful enough to do a whole house easily without getting too hot. It uses a disposable bag which is considered better for allergy sufferers as no dust escapes while emptying. They can be bought in packs of ten (£9.99) and each bag lasts 1-3 months. We loved the fact that there are two cleaning modes, and the vacuum can adapt to surfaces without having to stop to change mode. It easily converts to hand-held with a click so you can do stairs, upholstery and ceiling quickly and painlessly.

Best lightweight cordless

Vax Blade 32V Cordless, £219.99,

Charges in 4 hours for 45 minutes’ cleaning time

Cordless vacuums had a reputation of being useful just for picking up the odd crumb from the floor, but not powerful enough to do a whole home, but they are much more powerful now. This was very well liked by testers as it was effective at cleaning and had a ‘boost’ setting that really worked. It was very adaptable and weighs only 3kg. One charge managed to do a small to medium house without loss of power but would probably not do a larger home. It converts easily to a hand-held and comes with five extra tools including a flexible extension as well as dusting and crevice tools.

Best budget

Bissell Featherweight Pro 2-in-1, £44.99,

This good-looking little vacuum cleaner can be used as a hand-held or upright device and at only 1.59kg would suit everybody. We found this to be very easy to set up and convert from one to the other uses and it glided easily over carpet and hard floors. The dirt container empties at the touch of a button and can be cleaned with warm water. Despite its remarkably light weight it picked up everything at first go during tests. When stored as an upright, it takes up hardly any space. Overall this was simplicity itself and an effective little vacuum cleaner that would really work for those who struggle with heavier models and for those with smaller homes.

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