Tried and Tested – Back supports

Do you suffer from lower back problems? Or is there a potential for pain because of the way you sit or work? If so, take a look at the results of our lumbar products testing to see whether they may be worth paying for.


£49.95 (;;

They say Clinically tested lower-back pain relief product.

What’s in the box? A lowerback- shaped device, a cloth bag, instructions and a DVD. 4/5

Problems before use? Lower back pain for few months; occasional pain down the back of one leg.

How does it work? Lie across it for few mins daily. Though uncomfortable at first, it got easier after watching the online guidance/DVD. 4/5

Did symptoms improve? After a couple of weeks of daily use they started to ease. 4/5

Conclusion Felt £69.95 is quite dear but did see results with minimal use and it’s great for time-poor people. 5/5

Candis rating 17/20

Go Travel Memory Foam Lumbar Support, £14.99 (;;

They say Designed to mould to the contours of the lower back … ideal for sufferers of back pain.

What’s in the box? Memory foam cushion; soft, machine-washable cover, buttons and side loops 3/5

Problems before use? No specific problems apart from slight lower back stiffness from sitting.

How does it work? You position the cushion between lower back and back of your seat. Can fasten to luggage but is quite bulky. 3/5

Did symptoms improve? Almost immediately. Stiffness and back niggles after sitting for extended periods didn’t occur. During flight (with neck pillow), our tester was actually able to have a snooze! 5/5

Conclusion Bulky but good for longhaul. Used in car but needs repositioning each time. Great and cheap solution. 5/5

Candis rating 16/20

FORM FIT® Back Support AIR, £44.99 (

They say Provides compression and support for those suffering from lower back pain.

What’s in the box? The back support, basic instructions with useful diagrams. 5/5

Problems before use? Lower back pain, stiffness in the morning and night.

How does it work? Very easy to follow diagrams – simply place blue bit in small of back, wrap brace around middle, then inflate. No other advice. 4/5

Did symptoms improve? Yes while wearing it but effects weren’t permanent. 4/5

Conclusion As a temporary support for acute episodes this is a great device. 4/5

Candis rating 17/20

Smarter Posture Mat, £24.99 (;

They say Lifts and tilts pelvis forward to optimise seated angle to reduce lower back stress.

What’s in the box? Large flexible rubber mat. No instructions. 4/5

What problems before use? Chronic lower back pain, not helped by sedentary work and lifestyle.

How does it work? Despite the lack of instructions, it’s pretty easy to work out. Simply position mat on chair and sit on it. Feels strange at first, but nodules are not as painful as they look. 4/5

Did symptoms improve? With perseverance. Helps you sit properly and stop slouching. After three weeks severity of lower back pain reduced. 4/5

Conclusion Simple, perseverance needed. Guidance could be improved 4/5

Candis rating 16/20



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