Tried and Tested – Mattress-in-a-box


Need to know:

£549 for double (135 x 190 cm). Depth 25cm

100-night trial and 10-year guarantee

Free delivery

12 months’ interest-free credit offered

11 sizes available + happy to make bespoke for camper vans, baby cots etc

Try before you buy? Via Debenhams and Fenwick stores


Each mattress has three layers and a soft hypoallergenic mattress cover. The base of high density foam gives support. The mid-layer of open-celled foam encourages air flow and a bit of ‘bounce’. The top layer of the new generation memory foam allows for a more responsive ‘give’ and ‘rebound’ and a cooler sleep.

Delivery / set up

Very quick and easy. Mattress arrived when they said it would. Standard size box. Very simple to unroll and starts to ‘inflate’ itself almost immediately. Four to six hours recommended to allow for full expansion and for the strong ‘new mattress’ smell to dissipate.

Comfort rating / sleep quality

Very supportive, no roll together and high marks for not feeling when your partner rolls over. Some testers found this too firm for them, but it was supportive without giving too much when sitting up reading in bed.

Other info worthy of note:

Smell takes longer than others to disappear. Seven of our testers couldn’t detect a smell after 48 hours, although three could. However, as the mattress is CertiPUR certified (contains no carcinogens or other nasties) the smell is harmless to health.

Eve can take your old mattress away for £35 – but don’t do it at the same time as delivery as they use different couriers.

It is fully made in the UK.

It works with all bed bases and can be used on the floor.

5cm luxury foam toppers are available for £179 to fit a double mattress if you need extra comfort.


Need to know:

£550 for double (135 x 190 cm). Depth 24 cm

100-night trial

Free delivery

Seven different sizes, from single to king and EU sizes

Try before you buy? No


Four layers – support base layer foam, adaptive transition foam layer, responsive memory foam layer, open cell foam to keep you cool and add bounce. Covered with a zip-off cover.

Delivery / set up

Excellent, as promised, with no problems. Although you can sleep on it as soon as you take it out of its protective bag, we found it better to wait six hours or so to really expand and for the initial smell to disappear. The mattress continues inflating slowly for 24 hours.

Comfort rating / sleep quality

A really lovely supportive night’s sleep for both back and side sleepers, though some side sleepers said they’d prefer a bit more give to keep their spines from dipping. Hardly any movement transference felt when partners rolled over and good support when reading in bed.

Other info worthy of note:

An American company that has recently launched in the UK.

Can be used with all bases including adjustable bases – though they recommend base is returned to flat position when not in use.

All foams in the Casper mattress are CertiPUR certified (contains no carcinogens or other nasties).

Casper say you can use an electric blanket with their mattress, although we didn’t test this.

Studio by Silent Night

Need to know:

£599 for double (135 x 190 cm) Depth 26cm

60-night trial

Free delivery

18 months’ interest-free credit offered

Four sizes and three comfort levels (firm/medium/soft) available

Try before you buy? Yes, at Silent Night stores and stockists


Supportive Studio Flex base, memory foam layer, gel-infused foam to allow ounce back and breathability with a soft touch anti-allergy cover

Delivery / set up

Very simple. However, the information says to leave for 24 hours, which is a bit of a pain if you’ve got it on your bed to expand –  where do you sleep? We didn’t do this and it didn’t affect our sleep comfort

Comfort rating / sleep quality

This was a well-liked mattress. Among eight of our testers it was rated second, so it had the broadest appeal across side and back sleepers, light and heavy frames. We tried the medium support and it did exactly that – neither too soft or too hard. Minimum movement transference with a partner and supportive when sitting up to read.


Other info worthy of note:

Extras – two free Studio pillows with doubles and kings, one with a single mattress.

60-night comfort trial is for exchange only and mattress must not be damaged or marked.

Rotating the mattress periodically is recommended, although how often is not stated.


Need to know:

£599 for double Simba Hybrid (135 x 190 cm). Depth 25 cm

100-night trial and 10-year guarantee

up to 12 months’ interest-free credit offered

11 sizes to choose from

Try before you buy? Yes, in John Lewis


Five different layers made up of a support base, Visco memory foam, a conical pocket spring layer with up to 2,500 springs that adjust as you sleep, a cooling comfort Simbatex layer and a cotton sleep surface.

Delivery / set up

Very simple delivery was within the window offered. Arrived with a quick set-up guide and a handy opening tool to avoid damage to the mattress with scissors. Nice touch Simba! Needed to ‘rest’ for three to five hours before sleeping and will continue to slowly expand over 48 hours.

Comfort rating / sleep quality

Heavenly. On the softer side of mattresses tried, but eight of our ten testers preferred this. The springy support was like sleeping on a cloud. Because of the springs, testers were more aware of their partner turning over but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. Back and side sleepers alike found the mattress fully supportive. Testers generally found it cool to sleep on with the right combination of softness and support. Those who read in bed said you did sink down a fair bit, although this wasn’t unpleasant.

Other info worthy of note:

Can be used with all bed bases including adjustable bases.

Simba say you can use an electric blanket with it, although we didn’t test this.

Maximum weight limit of 18 stone per person

Unwanted returned mattresses are donated to charity

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Rotate 180 degrees every month


Need to know:

£599 for double (135 x 190 cm). Depth 25cm

100-night trial and 10-year warranty

12 months’ interest-free credit offered

Try before you buy? No

Six sizes from single to super king


Three layers consisting of the super dense core support base followed by an adaptive memory foam layer, topped by a thinner deep and springy natural latex layer. This is created by whisking in lots of air into natural latex and pouring it into moulds with pins that allow more perforation – ie lots of air circulation and a strong rebound ability. Covered in a four-way Lycra stretch knitted fabric cover. Ours was slightly damaged and the customer service was excellent when this was reported. A new cover was sent out and received within three days.

Delivery/set up

Excellent – arrived quickly after ordering and when they said it would. Mattresses aren’t folded but rolled meaning the box is as long as the mattress itself, so be aware of this when having to navigate stairways as this was the longest box delivered.

Comfort/sleep quality

Incredibly supportive – the support of a memory foam mattress without the heat of traditional memory foam. Not too soft or too hard. Pros: reduced or eliminated backache, good for reading in bed. Good side support when sitting on the edge of the bed. Cons: average for motion transference if you like to sleep close together you will still feel your partner move.

Other info worthy of note:

Great little gift bag with a good quality sleep T-shirt and eye mask in a linen bag.

Mattresses are made in the UK

Rotating the mattress 180 degrees every month and at least every three months in the first year is recommended while breaking in the mattress.

Good things to know before you buy

Flat platforms, slatted bed frames (with gaps up to 7cm recommended) and solid top divans are the best bases for use with this new breed of memory foam mattresses – sprung divans will reduce the support of the mattress.

Heated blankets are not recommended, although Casper manufacturers say you can use them with their product. We did not test this.

All mattresses had a slightly chemical type of smell when unpacked. This is normal and does disappear over time – if you can open in a well-ventilated room this does speed up the process.

Side sleepers required more ‘give’ and ‘softer support’ than back sleepers, who on the whole preferred firmer mattresses. Restless sleepers, or those with partners who were restless, found mattresses with more bounce or ‘springs’ did not eliminate the awareness of partner movement.

Heavier testers found support not as good near the edges of mattresses.


We found that each of the mattresses here were excellent quality and construction. There was nothing to choose between them for customer service either. The market is incredibly competitive, so the price points are pretty similar. Which mattress is right for you will come down to personal taste and whether the product comes in the size you want. With the exception of Studio by Silent Night, mattresses tested come in one firmness.

All testers liked the sleep guarantee and our research shows it really is no quibble. If you genuinely don’t get on with your new mattress you won’t be out of pocket – as long as you notify the company within the 100-day limit you will get your money back. The exception to this is Studio by Silent Night, which has a 60-day sleep guarantee with a swap for a different mattress but not a refund.

Although our favourites on paper were the Simba Hybrid followed closely by Studio by Silent Night and Sleepbear, Eve and Casper were highly rated by those who preferred a firmer mattress – it really is as subjective as that.

We conclude that if you need a new mattress you won’t go wrong with any of these tested. As you won’t be out of pocket if it really doesn’t suit, if you are looking for a new mattress, now really is a good time to buy.

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