3 ways to beat a tummy bug

Health editor Karen Evennett offers easy ways to feel better…


1. Drink, drink, drink… Your condition will worsen rapidly if you become dehydrated, so drink water mixed with rehydration salts or make your own – the World Health Organisation’s recommended formula is ½ tsp salt, plus six tsps sugar to one litre of cooled boiled water. (NB This must be accurately measured – too much salt can be dangerous.)

2. Avoid rich food… fat and fibre will further irritate your digestive tract. For a day or two, stick to something simple like chicken broth – it will provide nutrients and protein as well as rehydration. Gradually (day two to three) increase the volume of food, starting with fish, white meat and rice before anything spicy.

3. Be vigilant… If your tummy seems to be getting worse 24-36 hours after the bug’s onset, get medical advice – you could need antibiotics.

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