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With the nation spending more time at home and experimenting with their cooking, cutlery experts Viners, have put together a series of top tips to help you develop your food preparation skills, making sure you can cook safely and efficiently. Choosing the right knife for the right cutting task in the kitchen is essential. From the width of the blade to the length of the handle, each knife has been designed for a specific cutting task.



Chef’s Knife

The Chef’s Knife is one of the most popular knives used in the kitchen, and caters for all manner of kitchen tasks, rather than performing well at any one in particular. It makes light work of mincing and chopping vegetables, as well as slicing meat with precision.



Paring Knife

This short bladed knife is ideal for small and precise jobs. The Paring Knife can easily trim mushrooms, strawberries and more, and is one of the most used knives in a chef’s kitchen. Whether you’re paring, peeling or slicing, this versatile knife does it all.






Utility Knife

When it comes to small slicing tasks such as mincing shallots, fine-slicing herbs and trimming your vegetables, the Utility Knife is great at multi-tasking. With a blade slightly longer than a paring knife, and more agile and nimble than the larger chef’s knife, this tool is convenient and dependable. Whether you’re cutting through your sandwich, or slicing, cutting and portioning large chunks of cheese, look to the utility knife.


Bread Knife

You would think it’s all in the name, but the bread knife is perfect for slicing through fruit and vegetables with tough, waxy or slippery outer skins too. Effortlessly prepare pineapples, watermelons and large tomatoes. The long, serrated blade will ensure cleanly sliced ingredients without tearing.






Santoku Knife

Originating from Japan, a Santoku knife is specifically designed to slice fresh meat or fish. The Japanese word translates as ‘three virtues’ and refers to the three tasks in which the knife performs brilliantly: slicing, dicing and mincing.






Carving Knife

Separate meat from the bone, and portion easily with a Carving Knife for serving. The narrow blade allows for precise cuts giving you full control over your roasts.


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