Welcome your guests in style this Christmas

Promotional content from Candis advertiser, YouGarden 

During the festive season we want our homes to look at their best. With so many friends and family calling round with gifts and cards, the outside of our home really does set the perfect scene for the festivities that await inside.

It is so easy to create a classic, festive outdoor display with a beautiful pair of standard holly trees. Adorned with ruby-red berries and stunning, shiny leaves, the trees stand proud on either side of your front door to welcome and usher your guests in from the cold.

YouGarden, suppliers of beautiful horticultural products, are offering a pair of standard holly trees in FREE decorative pots worth £9.99, this winter delivered straight to your door with £19.99 off in total using offer code CANDEM101 to give you this great offer for £39.99 plus p&p.

The trees have a slight blush tinge to the beautiful, deep-evergreen, classic holly leaves and rich red berries, they’ll look stunning for many years to come and what’s best is that these holly trees can be enjoyed year-round, thanks to their evergreen nature.

This exciting new variety is a female form and is a very prolific berry producer, so it will bud up and produce masses of rich, red berries in future years. These bushes are slow growing and easy to manage –just one trim a year will keep that perfect lollipop standard tree shape. Each pair is supplied with a pair of classic 27cm diameter planters that have been hand-finished in a beautiful gold paint, each one unique, for you to plant up into for maximum impact. This also makes them the perfect gift to give to friends, family or neighbours this winter…

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