What makes a great British holiday?

This August, Candis Magazine is celebrating all that’s great about Britain, from TV to food to our national treasures. But what makes a great British holiday?

TravelSupermarket has unveiled a list of the ultimate characteristics that define the British holiday this summer… and it seems we’re as practical and forward-thinking as you’d expect. Almost 45% pack a warm jumper ‘just in case,’ while 30% sit by the pool discussing the weather back home.

Here’s the 7 other things we do on holiday…

Buy a newspaper (27%)

Woman Reading Newspaper On Digital Tablet At Beach

So much for letting our troubles drift away on the cries of seagulls and the lapping of waves. Over a quarter of us are pounding the streets looking for a newsagent who sells day-old copies of the Daily Mail for £4, or struggling to get Wi-Fi to upload The Times on the beach. Seriously, isn’t a holiday supposed to be relaxing?


Watch UK sport in a bar (22%)

British Holidaymakers In Calella

We can’t switch off, it seems, when it comes to our favourite team. As a nation of people who will cluster outside electrical repair shops in sweltering back-alleys to see a cup final, we can’t bear the idea of missing out. Hence the number of bars offering Sky Sports, where disdainful locals eye the cheering Brits over their red wine.


Have ‘a few too many’ drinks (25%)


There’s an understatement. Brits abroad have earned something of a reputation – though of course, it isn’t true of everyone on holiday. Just quite a lot. Spilling out of Ayia Napa nightclubs, propping up the local vineyard’s income, or just cracking open the beer at the airport, Brits know how to party.


Take teabags abroad (24%)


It’s not that we don’t trust foreign teabags. It’s just that they tend to taste of sawdust and flower petals, rather than actual tea. Anyone who’s ever been served a tisane of hot water in a tall glass with a net bag of foliage and no milk will understand that sometimes, it’s best just to take your own supply of Yorkshire Tea. (Never coffee though. We know when we’re beaten.)


Watch British TV in the hotel (23%)

Senior Couple Relaxing In Hotel Room Watching Television

While TV abroad is plentiful and fascinating (if you haven’t seen an Italian game show, you haven’t lived), it seems we like our own soaps to travel with us, as nearly a quarter of us eschew the sun terrace to huddle indoors catching up on Corrie and Eastenders. Missing out on beach time counts as nothing when Ian Beale’s got something major going down in Walford.


Pack a brolly (19%)


We really don’t trust the weather, do we? No matter where we’re off to, desert or mountain, nearly a fifth of us will be packing an umbrella. This makes sense when it’s a British holiday – less so when heading to the beaches of the Med. But the fear of being rained on is greater than the fear of looking stupid. And we can always say it’s a parasol.


Eat an English fry-up (18%)


While we might enjoy the odd petit dejeuner in a classic bistro, or hotel ‘continental breakfast’ of limp cheese, damp ham and croissant, when on holiday it seems that what we really want is the full English. No matter how blazing the sun, or inviting the beach, we’re not going to enjoy it properly until we’ve got a slab of bacon and eggs and a raft of toast on a sea of beans inside us.

What do you always do on holiday? Let us know @candismagazine #holiday


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