What telly do the Royals watch?

Actress Sheridan Smith has been given an OBE – and discovered at the ceremony that Prince William is an unlikely Gavin and Stacey fan. Which led us to wonder… what other TV shows do the Royals never miss? Game of Thrones? The Royle Family? The Fresh Prince of BelAir? We’ve discovered what they really like… (according to Royal moles)

Dr Who


Apparently, the Royals have the latest Dr Who box set sent up to Balmoral every summer. Perhaps they like the episode that starred Queen Victoria, where the Doctor and Rose were sent to Scotland in 1879 to protect her from a werewolf. It’s one way to research family history.


EastEndersAccording to the undercover footman (who was really a journalist) who found his way into the palace a few years back, the Queen hated to miss EastEnders. Perhaps the Queen Vic made her feel at home, or maybe she identified with Dot Cotton’s troubles – running a launderette isn’t that different to running a country, surely.

Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine

A bunch of hapless elderly people, getting into scrapes… and then there’s the TV show. Word has it the older royals loved the gentle humour of the Yorkshire-set show, and perhaps Prince Philip liked to imagine himself sharing a drink with Foggy and Compo before rolling downhill in a wheelbarrow.

Coronation Street


The Queen Mother loved Coronation Street, we have it on good authority, and would ‘never miss an episode’ if she could help it. Maybe she identified with Annie Walker, refined landlady of the Rovers’ Return; or perhaps she hoped to glean racing tips from Jack Duckworth.

Keeping Up appearances

keeping up appearances

Another one the Queen loves (so it’s claimed). It’s quite odd to imagine the actual Queen watching a comedy about a woman who wanted to be the Queen, and falling about with laughter. But perhaps she watches hapless Hyacinth Bucket and thinks, “There but for the grace of God…”



Kate Middleton has admitted to being a huge fan of The Only Way Is Essex. She has the hair, the teeth and the beach body to be a startling success on the show herself, though we can’t imagine her eating one of Nanny Pat’s sausage plaits. She also told a fan that Mark Wright, “Wasn’t nice enough” to Lauren Goodger. William had better behave, or she’ll be down to the Sugar Hut, crying on Arg.

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