What type of friend are you?

89795317It’s Friendship Day this week – not that any of us need reminding how important it is to have friends. A recent study has revealed that being able to count at least ten people as friends makes us less likely to succumb to depression – but only if these people are ‘true friends’ who want the best for us and have our best interests at heart. So what type of a friend are you? Put yourself to the test with our fun quiz…

1 You’re on a night out and notice one of your gang seems a little self-conscious, as it’s her first time out since splitting with her partner. You:

a) Make her laugh by doing some silly dance moves, and encourage her to have fun and talk to new people.

b) Leave her alone to process her feelings – anyway, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do with the others.

c) Remind her not to drink too much, as you don’t want her to wake up the next morning feeling worse.

2 Your friend has got the promotion he desperately wanted and worked hard for. You:

a) Turn up at his with a congratulations card and a bottle of fizz to celebrate.

b) Say, “Great, so the next time we’re out the drinks are on you!”

c) Say, “Well done – but who’d have thought it would take so long to get one step closer to the career you wanted.”

3 Your friend is having a crisis. Do you:

a) Call and offer a shoulder to cry on without prying, or realise she’s in need of distraction and make light-hearted conversation to take her mind off things?

b) Offer her sympathy, but stay out of her way until you know she’s feeling better?

c) Ring her up and try to find out all the gory details?

4 Your pal has just started a new relationship with a known womaniser. You say:

a) “I know you don’t want to hear this but I’m not sure he’s right for you. But if you want to see how it goes, I’m always here for you.”

b) “If you like him, go for it… Anyway, have I told you about my new beau?”

c) “You’re lucky to have snared him. He’s so good looking/well off.”

5 Your friend’s husband is away and she needs help with the children. Are you:

a) The first person she’d call. She’s up for sharing the quiet times as well the exciting ones?

a) Hard to pin down. You’ll wait to see what other offers you have for the weekend before agreeing to help out?

c) Highly unlikely to be there, unless she promises to do something for you in return first?

6 Your friend is trying to lose weight. You:

a) Tell her she looks gorgeous as she is, but support her by inviting her round for healthy dinners and working out together.

b) Congratulate her on her efforts, then ask her to hit the town for some drinks.

c) Keep her “motivated” by pointing out the areas she needs to work on or tell her “Some people are naturally meant to be bigger.”

7 You’ve gone out for dinner together. When the bill arrives do you:

a) Split the bill or offer to pay the lion’s share if you ate more?

b) Split the bill but conveniently forget that she treated you the last time you ate out?

c) Suggest you split the bill, even though you ordered the most expensive food and drank more than everyone else?

8 While out shopping with your friend, she tried on a dress that you know is not flattering. When she asks for her opinion, you say:

a) “The one you tried on earlier looked absolutely gorgeous – forget this one.”

b) “It doesn’t do anything for you.”

c) “If you like it – go for it!”

Now how did you do?

Mostly As … You are a true friend

You really care for your mates and always have their best interests at heart. You are completely trustworthy and can be relied on to be there through both the good times and the bad. You are the type of friend who lasts a lifetime – good on you!

Mostly Bs … You are a fair-weather friend

You may not be the most reliable mate, but you’d never intentionally hurt one of your friends. You care about your pals and enjoy their company, but aren’t someone they’d rely on in a crisis. On the plus side, you are good fun to be around. It might be worth opening up to your friends further to deepen relationships – who knows, you might enjoy it!

Mostly Cs… You are a bit of a frenemy

Frenemies are out to get all they can out of friendship, so you tend not to keep someone’s company unless there’s something in it for you. You want to know what’s going on in your acquaintances’ lives, not because you care, but so you can feel better about yourself! It may be that you have issues with trust and could do with seeking professional help…

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